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About Mandi Palmer...

If you have chronic health challenges that prevent you from living your daily life or feeling like your best self, I can help.

Read on to learn how my health challenges effected my life, what I did about them, and how I conquered them. 

You are here because....png
  1. Your chronic symptoms or conditions have prevented you from living your daily life and doing basic everyday things.

  2. You deal with chemical sensitivities/environmental sensitivities (MCS/ES)  that makes work life and life in general very difficult.

  3. You have symptoms such as chronic migraines, insomnia, vertigo, chronic pain, numbness and tingling, or fatigue that, at times, are debilitating.

  4. You've been diagnosed by a physician or naturopath with IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or other diagnosis where treatments are limited. 

  5. You experience other symptoms that are more annoying than debilitating such as bloating, headaches, brain fog, tinnitus, acne, chronically swollen glands, night sweats, puffy face or water retention, or inability to detox well or sensitive to detoxification.

If any or all of these sound like you, you have found a kindred spirit!

These have been all of my conditions. You are not alone and there's HOPE!

Here is my story.


My Story

Hi! I'm Mandi Palmer, Food & Lifestyle Success Coach, and I help men and women with chronic health challenges bring themselves back to life through my unique solutions using food, movement, qigong, the Medical Medium Protocols, and a mind-body-spirit approach so that you can regain your energy, strength, and purpose so that you may live your life fully and vibrantly.


The Search for Solutions 

There are more people today than ever before in history that have some sort of health challenge that ranges from conditions as severe as cancer or autoimmune disease to mild symptoms such as back pain, tinnitus, tension headaches, or low energy.

I'll bet you know more people that would describe something "off" with their health than pledge they are perfectly healthy. And more of us than ever before are seeking answers to these challenges through food fads, body hacks, naturopathic therapies, and conventional medicine. But few are finding long term solutions to these chronic health challenges that plague us day after day.

It all changed for me when I read Anthony William, The Medical Medium's work. Long story short, today I am 90% healed of all my ailments. 



How I Overcame Chronic Health Challenges (& How Holistic Health Saved Me)

At the young age of 19, my health had begun to decline to the point where I could not live like a normal college student. After a round of Accutane, the pharmaceutical treatment for cystic acne, I was diagnosed with IBS.

Over the next 13 years my health would continue to decline. I also developed every one of the symptoms and conditions you read about at the top of this page. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities to bleach, building materials, and cigarette smoke; debilitating vertigo spells, chronic migraines (and these were often), insomnia more nights than not, chronic fatigue & adrenal fatigue, abdominal distension (severe bloating), and night sweats in my late twenties that were not from menopause or hormones!

I turned to a vegetarian diet in college which led me to graduate with my degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Florida. More ailments developed as a young adult just getting out into the world where I received my massage therapy license and opened a CrossFit gym with my husband, Aaron. 

Our CrossFit & Paleo days... and also the days where all my symptoms were at their worst.

Our CrossFit & Paleo days... and also the days where all my symptoms were at their worst.

I soon went Paleo and gave it 10 years. During this time, I received regular massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and treatment from a naturopath and doctor of Chinese Medicine. Still, my symptoms never disappeared, never decreased in severity. 

Recalling the times I was bedridden from vertigo, having to cancel my personal training clients due to migraines, and feeling like I was failing as fitness professional because of the severe bloating and water retention- it angers me and fires me up because I know there are so many of you experiencing the same challenges.

My healing journey has taken time. I don't pretend to be 100% perfectly healed. But I KNOW I am FINALLY on the right path because I'm so much closer than I was a few years ago. 

And I am deeply honored and incredibly grateful to share what I've learned with others so that more people like you are able to recover their health and their lives.




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7 things many people don't know about me...

1. I met Mario Lopez at my Bachelorette party in 2010. He was nice enough to take a photo with us. "Bachelorette" sash and all!

2. In 2015 I started a food company- I made handmade "MandiBites" that were a paleo snack made of nuts & dates. It was successful until I decided to kill the momentum of growth because it didn't feel congruent with my true self and my true path.

3. I'm super crunchy (this you may know!). My skincare and hygiene routine consist of only a few products: coconut oil, olive oil, fresh aloe, baking soda, essential oils, ACV, castile soap, and my many homemade beauty concoctions.

daisy and duke in river.jpg

4. I have two dogs- Duke, a chocolate lab-pit mix who is goofy & sweet as can be. And Daisy, a rhodesian ridgeback-pit mix (so she's much smaller than a ridgeback) who has so much fun running on the trails.

5. My husband and I started our gym together when we were only dating for 6 months. Then we bought a house together, Then we got married. He is my best friend and my biggest supporter.

6. My creative and artistic side comes out when I'm making food. It gets me into "flow" and apparently I make really weird "I'm concentraing hard" faces while doing it.

7. I've only been out of the country once to Italy where my husband and I visited Cinque Terre, Liguria and Vicopisano, Tuscany. Our next destination is France.


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