Roasted Poblano & Potato Soup

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I don't pretend to be a food blogger (I don't even own a camera for respectable photos!), but it's my duty to you as a health coach to provide you with all of the necessary information you need to make good decisions about your health. People always ask, "What should I be eating?" Well, if I post a recipe, you can be certain that it's 100% health coach approved. 

Plus, I LOVE to create in the kitchen... it's my only creative outlet. Creativity is something many adults let slip away from them as they get older. I know mine did for a while there, but I got it back. Creativity is important for a balanced spirit. (Fun fact: did you know I used to have a small nutrition bar business 'Mandibites'?)

So when I create something worth sharing in the kitchen, I'll provide you with the recipe and the health benefits.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Potatoes are one of those foods that have gotten a bad reputation. They're full of carbs and they've been categorized as a "white food."

I avoided white potatoes for about 7 years while paleo. Turns out, I was missing out on the amazing nourishment they contain such as L-lysine, vitamin B-6, and high in quercetin, an anti-cancer and cardio protective anti-oxidant. Learn more about the health benefits of the potato here.

Truth is, they're only not great when combined with heavy fat and heavy protein. This is not an ideal situation for the liver that has to work twice as hard to digest all that jazz at once.

Plus, they're a brown food because of the skin. Are barlette or bosc pears considered white? No. Green and brown respectively. Also, white is a beneficial color in the spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables. Cauliflower, garlic, onion, turnips, radishes, daikon, celeriac, rutabaga, and coconut... all white on the inside. And all full of health benefits.  

If you can't stand the thought of eating white potatoes without milk, butter, cheese, or stuffed with animal protein, this soup is for you.

This soup is perfect for the fall because it's the season of metal in Chinese Medicine, where the color is white (potatoes are both metal from the white and earth from the brown) and the flavor is pungent (spice from the poblano). 

I hope you enjoy this soup knowing it's nourishing you on so many levels!

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Link to vegetable broth (This one has the best ingredients for a store bought broth. May be more affordable at your local store.)

 Link to vegetable broth recipe


To your health and healing,