When You've Given Up on Your Health...

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Nothing breaks my heart more than when I speak to someone who has or is about to give up on surviving their chronic illness, condition, or symptoms. NOTHING.

. . .When an 80 year old woman with an ALS diagnosis is ready to die because the doctors tell her there's nothing they can do and nothing she can do.

. . .Or a young woman who's barely gotten started with her life being held down by her laundry list of conditions unable to live a normal daily life.

. . .Or the gentleman who thinks there's nothing more he can do about his weight (and all the conditions that come along with being overweight) and decides no matter what he eats, he's always going to be fat. So he resorts back to eating a diet full of processed junk foods.

Can you relate to any of these cases? Have you ever felt so frustrated... so hopeless... so powerless... that you just give up on ever feeling better? 

And if a doctor has made you feel this way... so help me God... nothing angers me more than physicians taking away hope. Robbing a beautiful, suffering soul the light and the drive to discover their healing.

I get it. I have a fear of being ill, but I have no fear of death. When we give up on our health and give in to the symptoms or conditions, we give the illness the power. It's easier to give up than to fight. 

If you've never felt this way, maybe you know someone who has. Or maybe you know someone who had a terminal cancer diagnosis, faught as hard as they could everyday, and lived every moment with joy and infinite love. Where did they get this tenacity from?

Sometimes, it's spiritual. Sometimes they just KNOW they'll get through it. And even if they don't know it, they're willing to put up a damn good fight because they know they're worth it and their loved ones are worth it to them.

I know you've tried so many things to feel better. This doctor, that natural healer, these supplements, that drug... don't let that failure keep you from trying something else.

When is the answer ever just ONE thing? It's rarely never just one thing. Never just one healer, one supplement, one diet, one drug... it's never just one. It's a combination... it's finding the right formula for YOU... your unique body, mind, and spirit. 

Don't let your symptoms or condition take away your power because you are a powerful force of light that is capable of beating this and feeling like yourself again.

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I send love and light out to all of you.

Don't give up.


To your health and healing,