"My Healthy Story" An Interview Series to Inspire Health & Hope Episode 1: Featuring Nancy Cava

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I am on a brand new mission this year to seek and find those who have dealt with chronic health challenges and are better today than they were yesterday. What was life like for them at their worst? How is life better now?

And to answer the curious question: WHAT did they do or HOW did they do it so we can, too?!

We all have much to learn from one another and if we can improve our health by learning what others did, this world will only benefit. 

That's what these interviews are all about. I'm grateful to Nancy for getting the ball rolling and being the first to share her story on healing her chronic migraines, headaches and acne.

Her story exemplifies the importance of doing what you love, recognizing our emotions (and letting them be), and deep work vs a band aid is the best path to health.


(P.S... We did this interview outside at a cafe so please excuse some of the background noise!)

19 Dec 2017  00:11:05

Nancy is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Certified Reiki Practitioner. She works, lives, and loves in Asheville, NC. Connect with Nancy here.


To your health and healing,