My Secret Weapon Against Stress: Qigong

My Secret Weapon Against Stress- Qigong.png

I survived my twenties without ever knowing how to relax.

This decade began with a toxic relationship I was in with a drug and alcohol addict (who often stole money from me) while simultaneously working and finishing up college. I entered into adulthood while attending massage school, continuing my job at Starbucks (with my only source of income), and starting a CrossFit gym with my now hubby (who is the complete opposite of the last guy), getting married, working LONG hours growing and sustaining a business... it's no wonder that my health got worse in my late twenties. 

How many of us have a similar story at any age? Busy lives plus migraines... busy lives plus digestive distress... busy lives plus pain. 

Among seeing acupuncturists, getting regular massages and chiropractic, seeing naturopaths, these healers DID lower the stress load on my body and I'm quite confident they are why I'm not worse off today.

But... it was me who really did the most work. 

Certain people enter your lives when you need to learn what they know. This is when I was introduced to Qigong.

Qigong (more specifically, medical qigong) is my secret weapon against stress. It's not a martial art though, so it's not a secret weapon like that

Here is my attempt to define something complex in a simple way: Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of gentle exercises and spontaneous movement that enhance health and vitality through moving qi, or lifeforce energy, around the body and organs via the energy meridian system.

I never knew how to completely relax and enter into parasympathetic (rest & digest) mode that wasn't massage induced until I did Qigong regularly.

In a world where we keep ourselves busy and live every hour in sympathetic (fight or flight) mode we are not allowing our bodies to perform the maintenance it needs to recover from being "on" all of the time. 

It's no surprise that once I knew how to relax and instantly change the state of my nervous system when I wanted to, that my life changed. This is the concept that the Law of Attraction, being in the present moment (like Eckhart Tolle writes about), and living in spirit (like Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote about). 

So not only did I relax during my 5-30 minute Qigong sessions, I began to relax during the day, and ultimately, I aligned myself with a more relaxed life.

We sold our business, moved to the mountains, and we have a completely different lifestyle now that no longer requires me to be "on" constantly. I am more grounded and aligned with my true self than ever before. 

Qigong did that for me, but I did the sessions everyday and I never gave up on it. I give a lot of credit to the art itself and to my teacher, but also to myself for creating the space, the time, and for doing the work.

Now, my 30's are not something to survive, I hope to thrive thanks to my secret weapon. 


Wishing you all of the healing I've had and more,


If you're in the Asheville area and would like to learn my secret weapon, please contact me here (I'm a certified Flowing Zen instructor). 

Interested in a FREE course and want to beat fatigue? I recommend this course: Beating Fatigue and Exhaustion with Qigong. Or if you're interested in learning qigong online that includes 12 months of step-by-step training, downloadable meditations, group energy and a private facebook group all in the privacy of your own home check out Qigong 101: The Art of Healing for Busy People. 

Disclaimer: I only endorse what I have tried myself and completely believe in and therefore I may receive compensation for sending good things your way.