"My Healthy Story" An Interview Series to Inspire Health & Hope: Episode 2 Featuring Joy Resor

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In this interview, I sat down with the amazing Joy Resor who inspires joy through her presence and offerings. She is a Spiritual Mentor and the author of Go in Joy! An alphabetical Adventure and Go in Joy! Venture to Your Center: Journaling Prompts to Enliven Your Joy (Find the links below the video). 

In Joy's Healthy Story, she shares with us how she overcame chronic neck and back pain from a car accident, constipation and dehydration, forgiveness, and a bag of "emotional stuff" such as perfectionism, judgment, and fear. Feel inspired as she discusses how getting grounded in her body brought on the new, healthy life she lives today. 

Joy fills this interview with love, wisdom, inspiration... and of course, joy! 


Visit Joy on her website here: www.joyonyourshoulders.com

Check out her books here:


Here is my favorite excerpt Joy offered us during this interview that truly inspires. 

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To your health and healing,