"My Healthy Story" An Interview Series to Inspire Health &Hope: Episode 5 Featuring Marian Hobson

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Meet Marian Hobson, a Mom, Entrepreneur and Sales Coach that helps individuals to discover and connect with their life purpose so they have greater energy and enthusiasm in their life. 

On this episode of "My Healthy Story," Marian shares her triumph over TMJ, IBS, Muscular Dystrophy, and her conquer over sexual trauma using a holistic mix of food (namely fruits and vegetables), energy medicine, yoga, and living from her life purpose. 

Marian teaches us that no matter what health and life challenges we face, we can come out of it healthier, stronger, and living life with joy and enthusiasm. Watch my interview with her here:


Connect with Marian and learn more about her work:

On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/marian.hobson and catch Soul Searching TV Monday-Thursday at 4:30 pm on Facebook Live.

And on her website  www.ProfitOnFire.us


To your health and healing,