"My Healthy Story" An Interview Series to Inspire Health and Hope: Episode 6 Featuring Benita Silver

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In this Interview: How Benita transformed fear, life's difficulties, lacking sense-of-self, and asthma with Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, non-dualistic thinking, and the internal guidance of the body. 

I learned so much by talking with Benita. Benita offers us a different way of seeing ourselves and a new way of viewing life challenges (at least for me!). Her deeper awareness began when she was just 13 and it's no wonder she grew up to be a multi-talented and renegade psychotherapist. 

I recommend this interview for EVERYONE. The wisdom she shares is valuable to all, no matter what type of life or health challenge you're currently facing. Enjoy!



Learn more about Benita and her work here: WomanHeal.net

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