Why You're Still Overweight No Matter What You Try

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For those of you that eat healthy and have tried a plethora of ways to manage your weight. . .


For those of you that have sampled various food belief systems such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, and still not seen permanent results. . .


For those of you that are at your wit's end trying to find a solution to this. . . this post is for you.


First, let's acknowledge that it's likely not just ONE single cause. It's more likely a combination of factors, would you agree?


Commonly Known Reasons We Don't Lose Weight (I'll get to the most significant reason below).


1. Emotional overeating

2. Lack of full compliance to the program or food plan. Eating too much of the wrong foods. You stick to it for the most part but have waaay too many "cheats." And these add up.

3. Lack of long-term commitment to a program that would likely lead to results

4. Tried something for the long-term with 100% commitment for at least a year and it just wasn't right for your body.


Those are very reasonable, valid, and common reasons one might not lose weight. 


The NUMBER ONE Reason People Have Trouble Sticking to a Plan That Would Likely Yield Results


One important point I'd like to acknowledge is that the results we want to see, i.e., weight loss, may not always be the first result we experience.


When we're overweight, there's more going wrong in the body than we might think. Imbalance begins on a deeper, cellular level. . . and that began looong before we ever started to gain weight.


So why then, do we expect to see our waist-line shrinking right away? 


Your body is incredibly intelligent.


And when you give it all it needs to balance itself, the first thing it's going to do will not be to drop weight. It's just not a priority of the body.


The body's priorities are things like alkalization of the blood and tissues, getting glucose to cells so that they can LIVE and FUNCTION, killing pathogens, and removing waste matter. 


So when we support the body by cutting out processed foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, and generally eating "healthy," the body's first priority will NOT be weight loss. 


Although it may be YOUR first priority or possibly the sole reason for changing the way you eat, you and your body do not share the same goals.


And this creates incongruency. It creates a disconnect between you and your body. The result is you giving up because you didn't see the result (weight loss) you were looking for.


Your body is probably like, "What the hell, man?" We were doing so good! I was in the middle of working on improving insulin sensitivity, decreasing the inflammation, and working on cleaning up all these toxins in the liver and lymphatic system!" 


Your WERE getting results. They were just results that maybe you had low-priority on or results that are harder to see. Results that could have led to weight loss further down the road.


When You've Tried Everything and You Still Can't Lose Weight


Y'all know I'm an Anthony William fan. And I totally understand why many people may not be. But hear me out on this especially if you've tried everything and haven't seen significant or long-lasting results.


He teaches that weight gain is a liver issue. Hard to believe because this is not part of any fad or popular school of thought currently out there. 


First, remember that we live in the most toxic time this earth has ever seen.


We spray pesticides, herbicides and fungicides EVERYWHERE.


We still have radiation falling from the sky from WWII.


With processed food and GMO crops, overall, the food that we eat is the furthest away from what nature produced 200 years ago.


Our homes are constantly off-gassing things like glues and solvents from building materials; flame retardants and fungicides from textiles. 


Individually and in small doses these may not be so harmful. But take into account the sheer volume and constant exposure. 


All these preservatives, additives created in labs, and chemicals in our environment must be dealt with in our body.


Who's job is this? The liver's, first and foremost. 


The toxins are sent to the liver to be broken down for safe elimination. But, with so much to deal with, it can't eliminate all of it SAFELY, and so it holds on to a lot of it. Enough where over time it begins to not function as it used to. And this is exacerbated by a high fat consumption.


Then, it hands off excess toxins to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system then can't deal with the insanely large amounts of all this crap and so it gets backed up, too. 


Now you have the lymphatic system holding on to excess water to dilute the toxins which bloat us up and contributes to water weight gain. 


Whatever the body can't eliminate through feces, urine, and sweat, it hands off to fat cells which grow to dilute the toxins and adds to weight gain.


So you see, this has nothing to do with calories in, calories burned.


It has little to do with exercise. Although exercise WILL get the lymph moving and sweat going which DOES help eliminate toxins and aid in weight loss.


This has nothing to do with ketosis, a popular choice for weight loss. The reason high-fat, low-carb food plans work is that they starve the cells of glucose which increases the output of adrenaline which is then used as energy. This can also lead to adrenal fatigue down the road. (Again, I got this from Anthony William). 


How to Lose Weight. . . Healthily & Permanently


So What Can We Do to Heal the Liver and Finally Lose Weight for Good?


  • Decrease fat intake. According to Anthony William, it's both fat and toxins that bog down the liver. Fat also prevents proper oxygenation of the blood.

  • Add more fruits and vegetables to make up for eating fewer nuts and seeds, less meat, less of the healthy oils such as olive and coconut oils.

  • Drink 16 oz of lemon water with juice of 1/2 lemon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to cleanse the liver.

  • 20-30 minutes after that, drink 16 oz of celery juice. This is not only great for the liver but the entire digestive system. It's great for increasing hydrochloric acid, which improves digestion. It's alkalizing and is great for the nervous system.

  • Make room for more fruits and vegetables because these guys are made up of glucose and mineral salts your cells love, antioxidants, phytochemicals and all good things that will help bring the body back to balance. And it's fruits and vegetables that help to cleanse the liver and lymphatic system!


I recommend my 3 Day Deep & Gentle Cleanse to Kick-Start Better Health to help gently get the body cleansing. This cleanse can be modified for long-term use. 


Remember, the results you'll see first, unfortunately, won't be weight loss. Depending on how far gone the liver and lymphatic systems are, the longer this will take.


The results you may see FIRST will be increased energy, better and more frequent bowel movements, and improvements in other symptoms or conditions you may have going on with your health. For me, I saw BIG improvements in my energy, migraines, insomnia, and digestion. 


Give it time. No joke, commit to 2 years. The liver takes TIME to do this work. It won't risk putting you in danger by releasing too much at once.


Commit to doing these things every single day, make them a habit and fall in love with them. Above are the basics and a blog post can't really do it justice. Click here if you'd like to work with me and get your weight/health back in balance. 


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And also check out Liver Rescue, by Anthony William- this book is FILLED with amazing insights about how the liver works and how it cleanses.



To your health and healing,



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