8 Essential Foods for Battling Chemical Sensitivities

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Do you ever get headaches, brain fog, dizziness, migraines, extreme fatigue, respiratory problems, or digestive distress when exposed to fragraces, solvents, glues, paint, bleach, dryer sheets, cigarette smoke, smoke or any other chemicals?

If so, you are not alone.

More and more people are reporting sensitivities to various household items and environmental pollutants. It’s kind of getting out of control how common this condition becomming.

Anthony William teaches us that the cause of MCS and these sensitivities is a combination of a couple of things.

One, a high viral load creates neurotoxins which do some damage and overwhelm the central nervous system.

Therefore, when an exposure to a chemical happens (such as inhaling second-hand cigarette smoke) our CNS, already burdened by viral neurotoxins, reacts and the results are the symptoms we feel.

Two, an over-burdened liver from a combination of viral debris in the liver, toxins we take in from our environment, and a high-fat intake. This leads to our liver having a really tough time dealing with the added toxin. We become lightly poisoned from it and thefore, the second reason we have the various symptoms we have with MCS.

(A good resource on this is Anthony William’s podcast “Healing Your Neurological System”).

In one of his books, Life Changing Foods: Save Yourself and The Ones You Love With the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables, he shares the top 50 or so foods that are essential for people with chronic health conditions.

In this book, there are 8 foods which reference “chemical sensitivities” that I will share with you here and how they’re helpful for MCS and how to enjoy them.

Please don’t misunderstand my intetions here. . . you can not go on eating processed foods, foods unproductive for viruses (such as dairy, eggs, gluten, canola oil, soy, corn, and pork) or have a high fat intake and expect to no longer be burdened by MCS.

Regardless, I try to add these foods in daily or at least 3 times per week.

One thing that is NOT on this list that I would consider having daily if you have MCS (or any other chronic health challenge) is celery juice.

Here are the 8 Foods in Life Changing Foods by Anthony William that reference “chemical sensitivities.”

1. Papaya

Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and contains subcompound phytochemicals that repel viruses. Papaya brings back a stagnant liver. It also heals irritated nerve endings in the intestinal lining and is recommended for conditions relating to the CNS- not only chemical sensitivities but also Lupus, ALS, MS, fibromyalgia, TMJ, Bell’s palsy, and tingles and numbness.

(From pp 110-111 in Life Changing Foods.)

How to include it: I LOVE ripe, raw papaya by itslef. Half of a large maridol papaya is a perfect meal or snack. It’s also great in smoothies or with lime squeezed on top.

2. Parsley

Fights acidosis more than anything else by driving out unproductive acids. Parsley is an all-purpose pathogen fighter. It chelates and pulls out stores of pesticides and herbicides, therefore, unburdening the liver.

(From p 210 in Life Changing Foods).

How to include it: Many people see parsley as just a garnish lightly sprinkled on their plates. Reap the benefits of parsley in larger quanties and enjoy in mediterannean inspired salads, chimicuri, and pesto. I personally love it all ground up in a food processor with some basil, pine nuts, and garlic for an oil free pesto.

3. Turmeric

Curcumin, a powerful phytochemical in turmeric which fights inflammation caused by pathogenic invaders, such as the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), which hides in organs- especially the liver.

It’s great for those with chronic histamine reactions and sluggish liver because it increases the blood supply the the areas that need more circulation.

(From p 218 in Life Changing Foods).

How to include it: Honestly, anywhere! Its flavor is poweful, so when I use it I don’t use a lot of it. Add it to sauces such as vegan nacho cheese sauce, Asian inspired dressings, stews and soups. I love it paired with ginger in almost anything. Ginger and turmeric tea with honey is warming during the cold months.

4. Atlantic Sea Vegetables (Dulse, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Irish moss)

Extremely powerful at removing toxic heavy metals which feed viruses such as EBV. Heavy metals cause nerves to deteriorate. They disrupt and diffuse electrical nerve impulses.

Atlantic Sea Vegetables are an excellent source of iodine which protects the body from EBV. It only absorbs heavy metals, radiation, dioxins and pesticides- it will NOT release this back into your body (like chlorella does).

(From p 228 Life Changing Foods).

How to include it: For me, I add dulse to every Asain inspired dish I make. I particularly love kelp noodles with a creamy, spicy, sweet red pepper sauce I make topped with cucumbers, sweet peppers, and bok choy. I also use dulse flakes as a salt substitute when I feel it won’t clash with other ingredients.

5. Burdock Root

Viruses such as EBV, HHV-6, Shingles, and Cytomegalovirus operate on a positive charge, while our organs (and our bodies in general) operate on a negative charge just like the earth. These virses throw off our charge and burdock root, and its miraculous grounding properties, brings us back and grounds us to the negative charge we thrive on.

It brings back a stagnant liver and can detoxify the densest core of the liver. Burdock root also cleanses the lymphatic system and the blood.

(From p 232 in Life Changing Foods).

How to include it: Life Changing Foods has a recipe for burdock root soup. I love it juiced when the fresh root can be found. It’s also great as a tea alone or with other herbs. Burdock root is one of the four herbs in Anthony William’s Anti-pesticide tea recipe which you can purchase here from Sprit Healing Tea. Find fresh and dried burdock root at your local co-op or natural grocier.

6. Chaga

Chaga the immune booster! Revitalizes white blood cell count by increasing the production of lymphocytes, monocytes, nuetrophiles, basophiles, and eosinophiles so that the body is armed to fight pathogens and toxins.

It’s also great for putting out a cytokine fire (especially good if you experience hives, rashes, or fever in an MCS reaction).

(From p 236 in Life Changing Foods).

How to include it: Here in western North Carolina it grows wild and I can easily get it at the Farmer’s Market. However, Vimergy makes organic chaga powder that dissolves in hot water just like instant coffee (and this is a more concentrated way of consuming chaga). Aaaand let me tell you it is an excellent replacement for coffee thanks to its dark richness! Check out Anthony William’s Chaga Latte Recipe.

7. Coconut

Coconut provides both glucose and critical mineral salts such as sodium and potassium which are essential to our neurotransmitter production, which makes it great for CNS support!

Lauric acid in coconut meat is anti-pathogenic which is helpful for decreasing the viral load and therefore the neurotoxins overwhelming the CNS.

Using its medium chain fatty acids, it breaks loose other fats which aids in getting them out of the body.

(From pp 249-241 in Life Changing Foods).

How to include it: Coconut water is sweet, delicious, and hydrating. Fresh coconut is probably one of the best options, but I would get some type of contraption to help in opening it otherwise it’s just going to sit in your kitchen either untouched or butchered! Coconut oil is the best type of cooking oil. There’s also dried coconut flakes and coconut manna to put on salads, mix in smoothies or use in recipes.

8. Red clover

Amazing for cleansing the lymph fluid which is helpful during a reaction and long term support of cleansing toxins from the body.

It’s alkaloids work together with its amino acids to break-up and reduce stored-up, unnecessary fat so that it can be flushed out of the body.

(From p 258 in Life Chaning Foods).

How to include it: Red clover blossoms make a wonderfully sweet and floral tea. I buy it in the bulk section from my local co-op or natural grocier. Like burdock root, red clover is also one of the 4 ingredients added to the anti-pesticide tea recipe from Medical Medium: Secrets to Chronic and Mystery Illness & How to Finally Heal found on p 268.

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Interested in how I can support you with MCS or other health challenges?

To your health and healing,