Why A Healthy Home Makes a Healthy You!

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What do I mean by "healthy home"?

A home that does not contribute to toxic body burden, imbalance, or disease and fosters an environment for your health to thrive.

This would be a home low in solvents, toxicants, formaldehyde, fungicide, phlalates, pollutants, plastics, heavy metals, mold and so much more. 


Everything that is outside, gets in. A neighbor 2 blocks away sprays pesticide on their lawn and you have your windows open to enjoy the fresh air. Little do you know, you're getting a dose of immune disrupting, CNS damaging, liver clogging pesticide. 


Then we have the tapestries such as drapes, table clothes, pillows, throws, and bedding... all of these come with fungicides on them (which smell a bit like perfume/fragrance) in order to keep mold off but also dosing you with harmful chemicals every day, bit by bit.


The stuffing inside furniture which off-gasses formaldehyde, wood finishes off-gassing solvents, and the fabrics off-gassing fungicides.


And your home itself. Depending on how new it is, it's likely off-gassing chemicals in paint, glues, and formaldehyde and other chemicals from carpet if you have carpeting. 


These things take years to break down (you can look up the half-life of some of them to get an idea). They don't disappear. 


All things our liver and lymphatic system deal with on a daily basis. 


They continually put stress on our body and we may never realize it until one day, we're getting chronic headaches.


Or more days with increasing fatigue almost making it impossible for you to get done what you need to.


Maybe you moved into a house and suddenly had sinus problems and a chronic stuffy nose.


All signs that there are toxic substances your body is having difficulty with.


The good news is that there is plenty we can do about it!


1. Laundry- Use fragrance-free natural detergent, or make your own, and nix the dryer sheets (these things are just awful for our health and the environment. Here are natural ways to soften clothes and decrease static cling naturally from DIYnatural.com. 


2. Handsoap and Personal Care- Choose fragrance-free, natural plant-based products. These have fewer harmful ingredients and are better for you and the environment. There is so much you can DIY when it comes to this kind of thing and it's actually kind of fun going in your kitchen and quickly putting together a face scrub, shampoo, or deodorant. 


3. In the kitchen- Switch out stainless steel eating utensils for bamboo; stainless steel cutlery for ceramic; replace plastic containers with glass; non-stick pans for ceramic (like these). Cook with coconut oil (or water); use parchment paper vs aluminum foil; glass baking dishes vs metal. And of course, eat organic, whole foods!


4. Water- either a whole house water filter or something in your kitchen for drinking and cooking water. I use a Berkey. And don't forget about the water you shower in- I use this Berkey shower filter.


5. Air- Air filters or purifiers are always a good choice. I personally don't have one (saving up!) but I'm looking into the IQ Air


6. Home Furnishings- Be conscientious of the home furnishing you purchase. Choose companies that use organic cotton for bedding, towels, and other furnishings such as Coyuchi. And this company that sells non-toxic rugs


7. Mold- If you have a mold problem, bring in experts in natural mold remediation like these guys (search in your area for something similar). And Anthony William recommends diffusing and alternating these 4 essential oils to stop mold in its tracks in the air: thyme, sage, rosemary, and bergamot. He also recommends orgone pyramids which disable mold via frequency. 


Make these changes in your home and you will be on your way to feeling better in no time.


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Check out my guide: “Break Free From Toxic Body Burden: How to Live a Toxin Free Lifestyle and The ABC’s of Getting the Toxins Out” and learn how to overhaul your home, your hygiene/beauty routine, and how to cleanse.


To your health and healing,



Hi! I’m Mandi Palmer, a Holistic Certified Health Coach and I bring fellow sufferes of chronic illness back to life. I beleive that by giving the body the tools it needs to balance itself, that it can also heal itself. And so when you work with me, we work together on discovering and implementing exactly what those tools are for you. Schedule a free 20 minute video consultation here to find out more.