How to Get Out of a Funk

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We all inevidebly have those days that we can't seem to get out of a "blah" mood. Where our energy is low and we get by doing only the bare minimum. The laundry doesn't get done. Exercise? Forget about it! The project we need to work on or help our kids with? *Sigh.* "Another day," we say. 

Healing with the Medical Medium Protocols has allowed me to have more days where I wake up and immediately start the laundy, put the dishes away, make everyone's celery juice, prep the dog's food, and meditate or do qigong... all done with enthusiasm, to mine and my husband's surprise.

But those days where I didn't sleep great the night before or where my body just doesn't have it, I have to at least improve my mood and my energy a little bit. No one likes feeling grumpy, tired, or bogged down by malaise. 

Here are my favorite ways to get out of a funk.

1) Go for a walk in nature and connect with it.

I can have energy for nothing else, but when I go for a walk on the trails, my husband always comments that my face looks better- no more scowel and light and energy fill my eyes. Humans are supposed to be connected to nature. We're supposed to have our hands in the dirt and grow our own food, sit on rocks, and have our feet on the earth. Modern living limits this grounding. 

I love looking around at the trees noticing the shade they bring and the sun peeking through. I love hearing my feet on the earth as I walk. And I love feeling the gentle breeze on my face. While this doens't always work to a high degree, it does always improve my mood and energy on some level. 

2) Move your body around in some way.

For me this looks like yoga or qigong. Qigong is like moving meditation that involves breathing and moving, just like yoga, but a lot less strenuous (imagine Tai Chi). There's something about breathing and moving the body in a structured and patterned way that improves our energy. Some would say it gets your blood flowing brings oxygen into the cells. Others would say it moves the qi or prana around the body and invigorates it. Either way, it friggin works!

If yoga and qigong aren't your thing, do some stretching and incorporate your breath. Inhale as you move into the stretch and exhale in the stretch. Move a little further in it as you exhale (never try to go deeper into a stretch during an inhale).

3) Smile or say hello to at least one stranger, or call a friend. 

If they smile or say "hello" back, it changes my mood instantly. Connecting with others- especially in a heartful maner- can instantly lift our energy. We might not be ready for that exercise we intend to do, but our mood will be lifted. 

4) Help someone

I always feel better after I get off of a call with a client. Giving fills us up. It raises our vibration. It connects us to the Divine, whatever that means to you. Lend an ear to listen, offer a hug, donate money to a cause or someone in need, or use your special skills that they don't have.

5) Get some sunshine

Medical Medium shares in The Healing Path that the sun enhances every single nutrient we have in us- not just Vitamin D! Any time of day, (mid morning and towards the evening is best) just get it on your skin. Don't burn. Don't wear sunblock. Feel it on your face even if it's just for a few minutes. 

Sunrises and sunsets can help alleviate depression and anxiety (from The Healing Path). And when we watch the sunrise and sunset daily, it can even renew our trust. It's incredibly healing.

6) Do something creative

We often think of expressing creativity as some kind of art project. It doesn't need to be. For me, this is in the kitchen, writing, or creating something for you. Creativity gets us into a state of flow where we're out of our thinking minds and just doing. Bringing something within us out into the world. Even if it's just arranging rocks in our backyards or at a park. 

Next time you're in a funk, try one or a few of these things and you will be feeling like yourself in no time. We are not our moods, we are not our low energy or fatigue, we are not our feelings. 

When you work with me, you get much more than help with your food and movement. If going deeper is of interest to you and nothing you’ve tried has worked yet, schedule a session with me today!

May you have joy in every aspect of your life,



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