My Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Adventure (Round 4): Lymphatic Support & Chemical Sensitivities Around the Cleanse

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Everytime I complete the Liver Rescue 3:6:9, I have a slightly different experience and I learn something new.

Like when I learned that I needed two smoothies in the morning to get me through the day... and my cool “Everyday I’m Brusselin’” tee shirt (pictured).

This is a POWERFUL cleanse. Don’t let anybody tell you differently! It may only be 9 days, but I notice things happening up to 10 days out as a result of this cleanse. Which I’ll share in a bit.

Cleansing the liver is super important. BUT if we don’t cleanse our lymphatic system first, the liver toxins will have a harder time making their way out of the body and you won’t feel great.

I’ve seen many people jump into this cleanse without addressing their lymphatic system first in SOME way and this is just one of the reasons someone may not make it through to the end of the cleanse.

This concept can be understood by recalling how in the 28 day cleanse, Anthony William has lots of raw foods, celery juice, and the daily spinach soup. He once said that eating the spinach soup everyday for a month does wonders for the lymphatic system.

Secondly, in the 90 Day Thryoid Rehab from Thyroid Healing , Choice A, the first month, is “Liver, Lymphatic, and Gut Release Month” which starts you off with celery juice, 2 lemon waters, and cucumber juice or aloe water daily. Again, more emphasis on the lymphatic system being one of the first things addressed before moving on to removing heavy metals (Choice B) and really going after EBV (Choice C).

So this time in my cleanse, I decided to focus on my lymphatic system before and after this round of the Liver Rescue 3:6:9.

Here’s how I supported my lymphatic system before and after the cleanse:

  • I implemented more cucumber juice before and after the cleanse

  • Ate melon before, on The 3, and post cleanse

  • I drank red clover and sometimes with cleavers tea as well

  • Made it a point to stay hydrated during the day

  • Did more spinach soup with cucumber noodles

Here’s how I supported my liver pre and post cleanse:

  • I added the Liver Rescue Juice (especially on The 3)

  • Added the Liver Rescue Tea (daily on The 3)

  • Stuck to only Liver Healing Foods from the Liver Rescue book on The 3 and about 3 days post.

How I felt ON the cleanse:

  • I had a few days where I felt INCREDIBLE! I was energized, not bloated, and was super productive. I just felt down right chipper and full of joy!

  • I also had a few days where was tired and/or moody *womp womp* It happens.

  • Day 9 I had some extra bathroom time, *wink wink.* Which is what you want- you’re getting rid of lots of stuff you don’t want in you. I also napped A LOT on this day.

How I felt post cleanse

  • Day 10 I had the energy for a challenging Yoga session. Felt great the rest of the day, too, and wasn’t tired.

  • Day 11 went for a long hike. And wasn’t tired the next day. Usually after this much challenging physical activity, I would have been toast on Day 12, but I was all good (my energy is getting so much better… YAY!!!).

  • My chronic bloating has STILL not yet returned! What?! Awesome!

  • About 5 days after completing this cleanse, I was exposed to fragrance for about an hour. And what ensued was one of the WORST chemical sensitivity reactions I’ve EVER had. First came the bloating, then the headache, then the funny feeling in the head (vagus nerve inflammation), then the migraine… all usual for me after a chemical exposure. Except THIS time, it turned into some severe nausea and upset stomach. Let me tell you, IT SUCKED! Went to bed early, was very fatigued the next day.

So what I realized is that post 369, my body takes about a week to really flush everything out. While I was still supporting my lymphatic system with melon, juice, and teas, my liver having been so happy on the cleanse, was like, “Nope. I’m not storing this poison again. We’re going to expel as much of this as we possibly can. You’re just going to have to feel like shit for about a day.” Touché, liver. Touché.

While I don’t think this means I am more sensitive now then I have been, it does mean that I am certainly cleansing and that my nervous system still needs support. It’s amazing what we can learn about our bodies by doing a Medical Medium cleanse or detox.

The good news remains, though. I had so many days where I felt amazing/blissful/superwoman-esque and was even able to complete a challenging Yoga class AND a challenging hike 2 days in a row and not need a couch day the next day! THIS IS HUGE FOR ME.

It’s important to remember that even though we may have days where our conditions flare up, to acknowledge the progress we’ve made because we’re still moving forward. No one said this journey would be easy, but it certainly continues to be nothing short of life-changing.

Take care of youself.

Give to yourself.

Love yourself.

If you’re struggling with your health or with the Medical Medium Protocols, reach out to me for a Health Strategy Session and let’s get you closer to where you want to be and how you want to feel.


With love and light,


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