Easy Homemade Mustard Recipe (Medical Medium Friendly!)

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Did you know that mustard seeds “help to promote digestion and neutralize toxins which prevents indigestion and bloating? Mustard seeds are highly beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, speeding up metabolism, reducing the frequency of migraines, and preventing atherosclerosis and cancer.” — Anthony William, The Medical Medium, Blog on Mustard Seeds

Who knew that this little condiment could be so powerful?!

Quality condiments, though, are hard to find…. especially ones that don’t contain vinegar or citric acid. While mustard isn’t a condiment with crazy ingredients, it still contains vinegar which pickels the liver, as Anthony William tells us in Medical Medium Liver Rescue:

“Basically, when we consume vinegar, the liver battles being pickled like a cucumber.” p 238.

And this…

“Vinegar saturates the liver, causing a drunken effect, meaning that it slows down the liver’s ability to function and operate properly.” p 269.

So while it’s not the most evil thing we could be eating, it’s not health promoting.

But, we CAN have a mustard that is 100% good for our health and liver-approved!

Making Mustard is REALLY Simple.

I’ve actually been making my own mustard since my Paleo days. And it’s extremely simple to make. But, what makes it FUN is that there is some science behind it.

To make mustard you only need 3 basic ingredients: ground mustard seeds, an acid (here we’re using lemon juice), and water. Everything else is just for taste.

So back to the science part. Mustard can be spicy, but it can be mellow, right? The difference is in how you use the water and the acid.

The first thing you add to the ground mustard is the water. This starts an enzymatic chemical reaction and the longer you let it sit, the more mellow it becomes. Then, the acid is added to stop reaction. Warm water instead of cool water can be used to make an even more mild tasting mustard.

Ready? Let’s do this!


1/2 cup ground mustard seeds (yellow for mellow, add brown for more spice)

6 Tbps filtered water (add cold for hot mustard and hot/boiling for mild)

4 Tbsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2-1 tsp brown mustard seeds (ground or whole) if ground, you may need to add more water.

1 Tsp dried turmeric (optional; omit for “country” mustard or add only 1/2 tsp for less yellow mustard).

Dash of salt to taste



1) For a “country” style mustard ground the seeds yourself vs buying it pre-ground. and don’t pulverize them, leave them a little course. For a smooth mustard, use pre-ground mustard powder or grind it yourself into a powder. An electric coffee grinder works great. If you’re grinding yourself, use all of the mustard seed in the beginning. I left my brown ones whole at the end because I wanted a little bit of texture and I had only had pre-ground mustard powder on hand.

2) Place your mustard powder in a bowl and add the water. Mix. It will be quite dry looking, that’s perfect because you’ll be adding the lemon juice in a bit. Looks somewhat like this:


3) Next, you’ll want to let it sit about 10-60 minutes. The longer this sits, the more mellow it gets.

4) When you’re ready, add your lemon juice. This will stop the enzymatic reaction and hold the heat you’ve created (if any). Add the remainder of ingredients: extra whole seeds (won’t make it spicy at this stage), turmeric, salt, and even honey or herbs like thyme, dill, tarragon if you’d like.

5) Stir well and if you’d like it thinner, add more water. I made this recipe to come out pretty thick.

6) Very important last step: Your mustard is not yet ready. It MUST sit overnight to fully develop.

This will last a few months in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

Voila! The finished product (pre-refrigeration anyway).

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I know you’re all excited to make honey mustard dressing, potato salad, or spice rub for salmon with your new mustard, but it’s not yet ready. The overnight refrigeration part is KEY when making mustard.

So, now that it’s the next day (let’s pretend), I recommend making a honey mustard dressing.

Honey Mustard Dressing (Without vinegar and oil)

This recipe for honey mustard dressing is just a guide. You may prefer HALF the mustard I like and with twice the honey. You may not want garlic in there. Just have fun with it!

1 Tbsp of your homemade mustard

2 Tbsp (or more!) of your favorite raw honey

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 minced garlic clove (optional)

2 Tbsp water (or more for thinner dressing)

Dash of salt (optional)

Mix together all of the ingredients in a small bowl or small liquid measure.

Now you can make all your favorite recipes again that require mustard knowing that you’ll be eating something that will only ADD to your health and not take away from it.


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