Is Feeling Unmotivated Sabotaging Your Health?

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What do you want, most? What do you want to be, feel, or do? What is at the heart of this desire?

And what's keeping you from getting there?

It's rarely ever just lack of motivation or laziness that keeps us from taking action and following through. There's usually a deeper cause. Lack of motivation or laziness is how it disguises itself when something else is getting in the way.

Self-sabotage can have a number of underlying factors. Fear, self-doubt, or a lack of compassion for oneself.

A good question for revealing these feelings is asking yourself, "What's the worst case scenario if I DO take action on this?" In which case, normalization is often revealed. This helps to take away any fear.

Another question that can help us see the truth is, "What's the worst case scenario if I DON'T take action on this?"

The answer to this question reveals what we most want to avoid experiencing in our foreseeable future. This one is particularly useful for lighting a fire under our ass.

And another great one for revealing what's behind self-sabotage: "How am I going to feel if I never take action on this?"


Find What's at the Heart of What You Want

It's also helpful to look at your intention or reason for wanting "x." Let's say your goal is to get healthier (i.e. lose weight, improve lab results, feel energetic, etc.) and you want this not for internal reasons, but for your family.

Another intention you may have is to feel better and experience your life without the constant fatigue, pain, or other chronic symptoms that plague you.

These are GREAT motivations. And these can sometimes be enough to get you to take action.

But other times, they're not. And that's okay.


The Motivation Myth

After listening to this podcast interview by Jeff Agostinelli with author Oliver Burkeman, I wanted to share with you Burkeman's great point about motivation.

You don't need to feel motivated to do something. You don't have to have the really jazzed up feeling of jumping-up-and-down-clapping-your-hands-motivation to take action!

If you're waiting for that feeling to start, you're already setting yourself up to never accomplish what you want most.

You just need to take action, even if you don't feel like it. Because the secret is this: once you begin taking action, guess what? YOU'LL FEEL LIKE IT! And the feelings will grow every time you take action towards this goal or desire to be, feel, or do "x."

It's harder to get yourself to feel like taking action than actually putting on your big girl pants or big boy pants and doing it. You're an adult which means I know you do things you don't want to ALL of the time.

So what do you want most? And are you taking action to be, feel, or do "x?"

Face that self-sabotage head on and take action. Start with baby steps.


To your health and healing,