How to Get Out of Your Doctor’s Waiting Room & Into Vibrant Health

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Maybe you’re like a client of mine, Susan (not her real name), who has been visiting doctors since her early 40’s. She began going because her fatigue was getting worse and worse. She displayed perimenopausal symptoms, frequent headaches, and chronic constipation.

She first started seeing her GP. Then after multiple visits with no answers (other than putting her on anti-depressants and hormone therapy) she expanded out into seeing a few thyroid specialists. When that came back all clear, she saw various naturopaths and doctors of alternative medicine.

She saw some results after they recommended a keto type diet for her. She had a bit more energy and fewer headaches. However, she still couldn’t shake the chronic constipation, night sweats and other perimenopausal symptoms.

A number of years later, Susan begins gaining weight. Additionally, her fatigue has returned. The headaches also returned. And at this point, she’s barely sleeping.

She went back to her very caring naturopaths and specialists. They put her on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and an absurd amount of supplements.

She was still no better than she was when this all began even though those doctors gave her the best care possible.

Stories such as this, including various symtpoms and conditions, are all too commonplace. Whenever I speak with a potential client, I hear about their journey in and out of conventional & alternative physician’s offices.

It breaks my heart every time. They’ve been hopeful that medicine, pharmaceuticals, and even natural therapies will cure them from their ills. And sometimes, they do see results, much like Susan did but at some point, things come crashing down yet again years later because the origin of what was wrong was never addressed.

It makes them lose hope that they will ever feel better… and this creates more worry for the future. “How much worse is this going to get?” they ask themselves. All the while women (and some men) like Susan are just trying to survive through each day with what little energy they have and dealing with their chronic symptoms.

Science and medical research doesn’t have all of the answers. If it did, there wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands of stories like Susan’s and millions still sick.

And those that get stuck on this merry-go-round of doctor’s offices manage their life because some do feel somewhat functional because of their AMAZING doctors, but many may never truly recover.

Getting Out of The Waiting Room

Then, there are some that take their health into their own hands. They take full responsibility… not because it’s their fault (it’s so not), but they have learned the hard way that no one can get them all the way there exept for themselves. So, they make drastic changes.

They go plant-based.

They juice.

They swear off alchol and processed food.

They eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

They become mindful and make no room for stress in their lives.

They walk, do yoga.

They reconnect with thier purpose (or find a new purpose).

They lovingly pull away from the “toxic” people in thier lives.

They decide to be grateful for every moment and for every amazing person in their lives.

And just like that, things shift.

One amazing resource for people making such changes is the Medical Medium book series. If you are all about science and believe that making the changes above have nothing to offer you, these books are not for you.

But, if you want to see real change in your health and get out of the many waiting rooms of conventional and alternative medicine (and are open-minded) these books will change your life… in the best ways imaginable.

Be open to the simplicity of lifestyle changes and the impact they can have. Make the choice to stop putting poison— whether it be in the form of food, pharmaceuticals, or additives— in your body. Choose peace over drama; mindfulness over busyness; and compassion over judgment.

If this interests you, schedule a session with me and lets begin making changes today. Or, pick up the Medical Medium books and prepare to be blown away with the health information way ahead of science and research.

Oh and Susan? She’s adopted a whole new lifestyle just as I described above and she is no longer a client because she’s doing beautifully. (Thank you, for letting me use you as an example, “Susan.” xoxo)

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