Better Health is a Long-Term Game You Must Play Every Day

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Have you found the fountain of youth yet? The pill that will fix all your problems? The holy grail to your health challenges?

I didn't think so. 

Whether you're trying to overcome a chronic health challenge or you're trying to "hack" your way to living to 120, many of us find ourselves wondering what more we can do to live a healthy lifestyle that will help us reach these goals.

It can be hard to drown out all the claims out there to help us get there faster. Whether it be with a drug, an herb, a course, a fad diet, or diet trend. 

There is NO quick fix. No magic pill. There is not one path. And there is no fad or trend that can replace quality food and self-care. 

So what's the secret? 

Well, the answer I've found by working with clients over a decade and with my own experience (and without getting spiritual or philosophical) is this:


Health is a long term game you must play every day.


Some people can get away with eating processed junk food, drinking beer daily, and live as if they don't give a damn about the consequences.

And they don't gain one pound! Or never experience a chronic health challenge such as migraines, chronic fatigue, or insomnia. 

And this is probably not you since you are following this blog. People like that are not playing the same game you are forced to play. 

And sometimes we can't help but feel like this is not fair.

But, it's also our unfortunate reality. But, it's a reality we have the power and the means to change.

For many of us, we know the TRUTH is that if we want to have energy, overcome a chronic health challenge, or lose weight, that we MUST work at it. Every. Single. Damn. Day.

HOW do we do this?????!!!


To play the long-term game of "Health" every day, start with these 3 key items:


1. Be compassionate with yourself.

If you DO screw up, forgive yourself. Learn from it. Try to understand why you did what you did so that you can recognize the behavior early on next time you're feeling that way. 

This doesn't mean that when making food choices to tell yourself it's okay to go for something that's not productive for you in the long run. Just don't beat yourself up about it! 

Stress will make our health or our situation worse. When this happens, bring yourself back to a high vibrational state: compassion, gratitude, joy, and love.

Wake up everyday and take a moment to set your intention for the day. Close your eyes and imagine yourself choosing healthy foods. Imagine yourself enjoying your movement or exercise routine. Imagine yourself being productive in your work. 

Give yourself the compassion you likely more generously give to others. Everyday may not be perfect. But if you can make one decision or take one action, those become habits. This is a great starting place!


2. Value your health

To see what you value, look at 3 things: money, time, and attention.

Where are you spending your money?

Are you investing in organic food, high quality supplements, and knowledgeable and compassionate health professionals?

We spend money on what we value.

Where are you spending your time?

Are you making time for the farmers market to find high quality fruits and vegetables? Are you making time for yoga or movement every day?

We spend time doing what we value, and with those who we value.

How are you choosing to use your attention?

When are you choosing to focus your attention on ways to better your health? 

Do you search for healthy recipes, engage with others who are on the same health journey, read books related to health?

Take a look at where you're spending your money, time, and attention and compare that to your goals. How do they line up?


3. Put you and your health first.

If you're unwell, lacking joy, or unsatisfied with who you are and where you are- this will be reflected in your decisions. 

One example of what not putting yourself first is how we may behave in social situations regarding our food choices.

When you put your health first, you choose not to splurge on the cheesecake. You bravely stand up to the social pressure around you to just eat what they're eating. When you do this, you put your health first.

You show your co-workers or friends or family that you value your health and body too much for the momentary gratification of the food in question.

They won't like it. They won't know how to react. And sometimes they get offended. But, that's also their issue, not yours. Be proud because you stood up for you and your health!

Putting yourself first also applies to all the other ways in which we can practice self-care:

  • Taking the time to get centered, set our intentions, and connect with something greater than ourselves.

  • Spending time to reflect upon our mental and emotional states.

  • Making the effort to slow down or spend time in nature

Taking care of one's health is one of the greatest examples you can set for the younger generation. 


Practicing self-compassion, valuing your health, and putting your health first are the 3 winning "moves" in the game of "health." 

There is no quick fix to our health problems. Good health is a result of executing it everyday.

Practice these 3 concepts and eventually, you will see some results. It may not be right away, but that's because...

Better health is a long-term game you must play every day.


To your health and healing,