3 Reasons Why You May Be More Dehydrated Than You Think (& 3 Unique Ways to Stay Hydrated)

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You try to drink as much water as you can per day. You carry your water bottle with you everywhere you go and you always remember to fill it up.

And you even remember to take a sip BEFORE you feel thirsty. 

Yet, you’re still thirsty... Even when you do your best to hydrate, you still feel dehydrated! 

This happens to us because there's a lot more to staying hydrated than drinking plain water!

I never knew how dehydrated I was until I felt true hydration by adhering to these principles I learned from Anthony William on hydration.


Here are 3 reasons why you may be more dehydrated than you think.


1) Drinking "Dead" Water

Yes, I said "dead" water.

Although I'm extremely grateful for having water come out of my tap free from any microbes that would make me instantly ill, this water is no longer in its natural "living" state.

What’s “living” water?

Have you ever put your hand in a flowing brook right over a rock? That water has a special quality that makes you want to rub it all over your face, through your hair and the back of your neck on a hot day. Not because it feels cool, but because it's real "living" water.

Once our water comes out of the tap, it's been processed with chlorine, fluoride, contains pharmaceuticals (such as birth control and statins) and industrial solvents. It's traveled through plastic and maybe even copper if you're in an older house.

Not only can water contain carcinogenic elements from pollution and processing, but it's far from its natural state from that flowing brook.

It's no wonder that when we drink this, we're still dehydrated. I wouldn't be surprised if our body naturally tried to pull water from itself in order to water down all the potentially dangerous material in this "drinking water."


2) Eating More Cooked Food Than Raw Fruit and Vegetables

Raw fruit and vegetables are the most hydrating thing on the planet because they're FULL of LIVING water. Cooked food, on the other hand, is devoid of this hydrating living water. 

The more cooked food you eat vs raw living, hydrating food, the more dehydrated you'll be. But you don't have to be a 100% raw to enjoy and revel in the hydrating effects of raw food!


3) Drinking More Dehydrating Beverages Than Hydrating Beverages

I used to drink so much coffee it was ridiculous. I'd have about 16-20 oz in the morning and many days in the afternoon I'd have another 16 oz.

Coffee is one of the most dehydrating beverages on the planet! Followed by soda, black tea and green tea, these beverages draw water out of your body and don't leave any hydration behind. It aaaalll comes out through your urine. 

I know what you're going to say. "But I follow coffee with water!"

Even when you follow these with lots of water, you still won't be as hydrated as you need to be for optimal health.

Now, lets talk about how to stay hydrated!


3 Ways to Actually Hydrate

1) Drink Living Water

Now that we know only living water will hydrate us, how do you get living water?

First, make sure you're filtering your water in SOME fashion. I recommend the Berkey

There are 2 ways to bring your water back to life:

One, is to squeeze a bit of fresh lemon or lime juice in your water (or any fruit will do but these are easy). The living water in the fruit brings the filtered water to life so you have a whole glass of super hydrating water!

The second method is to leave your water outside (preferably in glass not plastic) in the sun and let the sun revitalize it. This is explained in The Healing Path in the lesson "Hydration."

This is THE BEST way to hydrate. It's as easy as adding a squeeze of lemon to your water no matter where you are. 


2) Eat More Raw Fruit and Vegetables Than Cooked Food

Because raw fruit and vegetables contain living water, they're hydrating as hell. Remember, cooked food is dehydrating. It won’t add any hydration to you, even if it’s soup. 

One way to combat this is to eat more raw food in a day than you eat cooked. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to always eat some raw vegetables with cooked food (but never raw fruit with cooked food since fruit digests much faster).

Throw some sprouts on top of your stir-fry, some fresh parsley and basil on your pasta and meatballs, or enjoy some romaine lettuce on the side of anything!

You may even find your digestion is better by including a bit of raw with the cooked. 


3) Drink Hydrating Beverages and Cut Back on the Dehydrating Ones

My favorite hydrating beverages include fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice (and fruit and veggie combos), lemon or lime water, and coconut water. 

Sidebar: I'm going to remind you that I ate paleo for almost a DECADE. I am very familiar with the popular concept of "too much sugar." I deeply regret following this misguided advice. I wish I had done more juicing and ate more fruit during this time in my life, as I was never HEALED of my ailments until I did. 

Some hydrating examples are celery juice, cucumber juice (SUPER hydrating), the trio of celery, apple, and cucumber (mentioned in Medical Medium), and melon. Melon is amazingly hydrating and my favorite is to blend up watermelon and sip it up!

There are a plethora of recipes to try that even include greens for an extra nutrient boost.

And if you do still enjoy coffee, black tea, or green tea, that's okay! Just focus on ADDING more living water and juice to your day and you'll be much more hydrated.... and once you're more hydrated, there's no telling what you'll accomplish or how great you'll feel. 


Although we tend to focus on proper hydration more this time of year (summer time), make these concepts a habit so that you're deeply hydrated year-round. 

Here's to happy hydrating, y'all! 

To learn more about how hydration impacts our blood, check out Liver Rescue by Anthony William where he has a whole chapter on Dirty Blood Syndrome which is partly from an overburdened liver and made worse by improper hydration. This book is a MUST read for anyone suffering with chronic health conditions.

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