How to Recover From an MCS Reaction After You've Been Exposed to a Trigger

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It happened. You hoped it wouldn’t, but it did. You were hit with someone’s fragrace. An “air freshener” in a public restroom. You walked past someone you couldn’t see was smoking a cigarette.

Maybe you were even stuck in this situation because of your job or social obligation. Whatever the reason and whatever the exposure, you’re now burdened with the classic syptoms you get whenever your body is triggered by this crap.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you exactly what I do when I’m exposed and I’ll tell you WHY I do and and HOW it helps us.

Let’s dig in!

1) Remain Calm

I know that sucks to hear, but it’s essential to your well being to not freak out. You see, when we allow ourselves to get worked up, our body responds as it’s in life-threatening danger and it releases adrenaline.

We want to limit the amount of adrenaline our body puts out because:

  • It feeds viruses and pathogens better than anything else which can send us into a viral flare.

  • It’s corrosive to all of the tissues insided the body

  • It’s just something more our liver has to deal with (it’s already burdened with the chemicals you were exposed to)

As you cover your nose and mouth and escape the exposure, stay centered. Take deep breaths when you’re in fresh air again. Know that you have tools to help you recover quicker. While this sucks, you are an MCS warrior.

2) Flush the body out

You’ll want to start doing this as soon as you can. And you’ll continue until your symptoms subside. We’re talking about flushing the lymphatic system and digestive system. Here are my favorite ways to flush the lymphatic system.

  • Cucumber Juice is wonderful for flushing out the lymphatic system and the digestive system. It’s super hydrating (especially to the liver) and will help you stay hydrated which encourages your body to flush out substances that don’t belong.

  • Cleavers & Red Clover- Enjoy this as a tea blend, or drink each herb alone as a tea, or take them as tinctures (alcohol-free ONLY because alcohol in tinctures is hard on the liver).

  • Lots of lemon and lime water to hydrate and flush out the liver.

3) Drink Medical Medium’s recipe for Anti-pesticide tea (if you were exposed to fragrance or pesticide)

Did you know that fragrances are basically the same thing as pesticides? It might sound crazy, but they’re basically the same thing. And I use this tea with success after an exposure to either of those things. (Plus long term care because, well, I’ve been exposed to many pesticides, herbicedes, fungicides, insecticides, and fragrances throughout my life and so have you).

It consists of these 4 herbs: Ginger root, red clover, lemon verbena, burdock root.

You’ll want an equal parts weight measurement of each (not visual measurement). Steep for at least 20 minutes. Steep 1 Tbsp per 8 oz. of filtered water. Drink at least 3 cups per day until symptoms subside. (I like to steep a batch overnight and pour it into a 32 oz mason jar and sip throughout the day).

4) Drink Your Celery Juice!

Anthony William has said that celery juice will help neutralize harmful substances in our bodies. (This was on a Facebook Live he did promoting his new Celery Juice book).

If you already drink celery juice, terrific! Keep it up and even increase it during this time.

If you don’t, now is a good time to start. Begin with just a few ounces, see how your body responds, and work your way up over time.

5) Support the Liver with Foods

Foods that can help your body in this situation are going to be loads of fruits and vegetables. Also, the more raw you’re eating (I do raw till 4pm) the more you’ll be able to cleanse.

Lay off of meat and all plant fats if you can handle it. Having fat in your blood stream makes it so much harder for your body to flush out toxic substances and it will take longer to recover if you eat them.

Foods from Liver Rescue that would be beneficial to include during this time (in no order of importance). Choose what jumps out at you:

  • Arugula (allows the liver to decide how much it wants to purge).

  • Asparagus (strengthens liver’s immune system immediately; has a natural calming effect that increases the liver’s ability to cleanse).

  • Atlantic sea vegetables (especially dulse and kelp which provide mineral salts that are pleasing to the liver).

  • Cranberries (prevent cells from dying amidst toxic overload).

  • Cilantro (a great liver cleansing and liver building herb & helps regenerate nerve tissue around the liver).

  • Cucumber (Hydrates the liver, blood thinning ability that allows detox to occur without obstruction)

  • Eggplant (improves blood flow to the liver, allows oxygen to be maximized inside the liver, has compounds that bind onto Vit C, making it more bioavailable to the liver’s immune system).

  • Melons (a powerful cleansing food which thins out dirty blood and hydrates the blood aleviating liver’s burdenened state).

  • Leafy greens (helps purge the liver).

  • Parsley (dislodges poisons out of the liver).

  • Pears (calm a liver that’s in crisis allowing it to rejeuvenate).

  • Pomegranates (promotes better blood flow to the liver).

  • Potatoes (contains ample glucose that provides substance to the liver to keep strong).

  • Red cabbage (essential for liver’s recovery).

  • Sweet potatoes (support every function the liver is responsible for).

  • Turmeric (protects liver cells from injury).

  • Wild blueberries (grabs and hold troublemakers as they leave the liver).

  • Zucchini (can be soothing to the liver).

Supplements I like to take (and that you can find more info on in Liver Rescue and decide if they are for you after talking with your doctor):

  • Burdock root tincture or tea (detoxifies blood and lymphatic system),

  • Chaga (reduces toxic liver heat when liver is under stress)

  • Dandelion root (purges liver of uncategorized toxins).

  • EPA & DHA (supports liver’s immune system).

  • Ginger (supports liver in just the way it needs).

  • Glutathione (supports every liver cell in it’s function).

6) Support the Immune System

The immune system is put under stress during a reaction. Additionally, the trigger or toxiant you were exposed to might actually feed the pathogens you have and allow them to proliferate which leads to a viral flare or flare up of strep.

Here are some of my favorite ways to support my immune system during an MCS reaction:

  • Fruit! It’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial and provides so much support for the entire body and the immune system.

  • Zinc!

  • Ester-C or Liposomal C

  • Anti-viral supplements such as cat’s claw, lemon balm, and L-lysine are great at keeping the viral load down so I like to increase them during a reaction. For some who are super sensitive, it may not be a good idea to start new supplements during a reaction, and others, it has made all the difference. So ,this is something you’d want to listen to your intuition on.

  • I love freshly squeezed orange juice for this, too. You can even go a step above and do Anthony William’s flu shot juice (oranges, turmeric, ginger, and garlic) but you want to be cautious to support your body while not overdoing it. Listen to your body and what it wants.

7) Get out of a Hyperreactive State

When the body just continues to react to almost everything (even supplements & foods you normally do well with), it’s time to take a minimalist approach. You’ll still be doing some things as above such as celery juice, lots of living water to flush, and maybe even cucumber juice, but the foods will be simpler and so will the supplements (if any at all).

Mono eating is fantastic for this. Only bananas or only papayas in addition to celery juice. You could even have bananas most of the day and then potatoes at night. That can work, too.

Now You Can Exhale…

I wouldn’t expect you to do 100% of these tips, especially the supplements and foods, but you now have something to refer to when the brain fog and panic set in (but try to avoid the panic part).

Make this info your own. These are my go-to tools for myself and my clients, but you are a unique and wonderful snowflake and your intuition is smarter than I am.

For long term care, I like the list of supplements for Chemical Sensitivities from Liver Rescue on page 313. These support the body in getting rid of chemical sensitivities for good and I’ve noticed an improvement since I’ve been inclduing them.

And if thinking about all of this is overwhelming to you, I am here for appointments when you need.

To your health and healing,



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