5 Ways To Safely Approach The "Medical Medium™" Lifestyle

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Maybe you’ve discovered the work of Anthony William, “The Medical Medium™” from a friend, online, or you’ve read one of his life changing books.

And you’re ready to dive into this new lifestyle revolving around all the facets of healing- food, supplements, and the mental/emotional/spiritual aspects.

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations! This will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

I just want to give you a heads up about a few things before you begin and how to ensure it’s a comfortable transition for you.

I’ve worked with a number of people who had jumped right in with all of his recommendations. . . the lemon water, celery juice, heavy metal detox smoothie, and a boat load of supplements. Only to feel worse than they ever have.

What’s going on here? Why would someone feel worse after implementing so many healthy things?!

For one, you can’t throw so much at the body at once. This can cause more detoxification than the body is equipped to safely handle.

Another reason is that they are in a viral flare. This can happen for a few reasons:

One, because too much detox is stressful to the immune system and allows pathogens to take hold and temporarily proliferate causing viral symptoms.

Two, because the pathogens could be fighting back- all of the above mentioned changes can be very anti-viral and the virus is trying so very hard to stay alive in the inhospitable environment you’ve created. A good thing, but can be uncomfortable as well.

Or three, because you ate something such as gluten, dairy, eggs, or canola oil or were exposed to something such as solvents or pesticides which FED the virus and allowed to proliferate.

And sometimes still, no matter how careful, slow, and cautious we are, we can still end up with detox symptoms and in a viral flare.

So here are 5 ways to safely approach making these lifestyle changes.

1. Add One Thing At a Time

Yes he mentions adding lemon water, 16 oz of celery juice, the heavy metal detox smoothie, and lots of fruit, but he never says start all of this on the same day or all at once.

Start with whichever your intuition tells you to. . . whichever you are drawn to the most. You have this intelligence.

Do that one thing for 3-7 days before adding in the next thing. This practice will help you identify when something was too much and because you only added one thing in the past week, you know EXACTLY what to dial back.

2. Start with Smaller Amounts and Slowly Work Your Way Up

Many people start with exactly 16 oz of celery juice and then after a few days, they begin to feel awful with even more symptoms than they started with.

If you’re highly viral, this can happen. And this doesn’t mean the celery juice is bad for you. Quite the opposite!

Celery juice is so incredibly detoxifying, anti-viral, and healing that we can experience new symptoms or worsening of symptoms from all of that goodness.

Same with the heavy metal detox smoothie ingredients such as the barley grass juice powder and the spirulina. I started with 1/4 or 1/2 of the recommended amount. Then I increased the amount little by little every few days (or longer). This helps to reassure you that it’s not too much for your body to handle.

3. Slowly Change Your Diet While Also Being Mindful of Eating Enough

As we work to eliminate the foods that Anthony William says feed pathogens and make life challenging, we loose lots of calorie dense foods.

During this transition time, it’s critical to eat more of what you are eating. Add fruit, more veggies, potatoes, winter squash, beans and/or lentils. Note that beans and lentils are not particularly healing, but they can help to bulk up your food and add more calories.

In Liver Rescue, it says that we need “critical clean carbohydrates.” A term the book uses to describe the glucose from fruit, potatoes, and winter squash. We can’t live without them. We can’t thrive without them. And these are what will keep you satiated and help to build up your glycogen reserves.

And during this transition time, if you just feel like you need more and the tons of critical clean carbohydratas are just not doing it for ya, fats like nuts, seeds, and avocado can be there to fill in the gaps. Keep them low and just know that decreasing your fat intake is also essential to healing. But, we also can’t be walking around as hungry, angry zombies while we transition to this lifestyle! So be kind to yourself.

The slower you transition, the more comfortable it might be. And it’s always easier, mentally, to focus on what you’re adding vs what you’re taking away.

4. Prioritize Getting Off All of The “No-Foods” As Quickly and as Comfortably as Possible

Not to contradict myself in number 3, but, you do want to focus on getting these foods out. My point here is to be mindful of a “no food” you may still be attached to after some time after making all of these changes.

For example, I’ve worked with a number of clients who have trouble foregoing dairy in one form or another whether it be just a little bit of cheese here and there, a splash of dairy cream in their coffee, or butter on their veggies.

And then they ask “why?” after 6 months their symptoms haven’t improved.

While ALL positve changes DO make an impact (even if you can’t tell or gauge by the presence of your symptoms), if you still have not noticed any improvement, cut out “foods that make life challenging” 100%. And when you do, know that you’re giving your body the exact tools it needs to heal itself.

So my point isn’t that you should cut these foods out immediately, but to get used to adding more healing foods to your routine such as fruit, veggies, potatoes, winter squash, wild foods, and herbs and spices. And as you learn and progress forward, you’ll likely find you have no more need for the foods that make life challenging!

5. Food First, Supplements Later

This is my opinion and a general rule of thumb I have come up with after seeing many people simultaneously dive in to the food changes and the supplements all at once. They added so much that they don’t know what is causing their new symptoms or return of old symptoms.

The only supplements I added right away were these: B-12, zinc, and Ester-C. You can find the brand that Anthony William recommends here: www.Vimergy.com.

Once you get your food down, meaning you’re off all of the “no-foods” or “foods that make life challenging” from book 1, then I would add one supplement at a time starting with what is most severe for you.

Please note though, that this is not always the case. Sometimes we must prioritize leveling out the body and many times that can only happen with a specific supplement (or supplements) recommended by a qualified practitioner.

Exceptions & Intuition

There are always exceptions to what I have laid out here. For example, it is always really important to NEVER stress yourself out over this stuff- or anything. Adrenaline from stress feeds pathogens and only makes us feel worse. But, don’t stress about that either!

While I have laid out how to begin this whole lifestyle, you are your own unique and special snowflake with your own challenges and your own intuition. If you think I am completely wrong about any of this, then I am… for you. Listen to YOUR intuition because it is smarter than you or I combined.

Here are 3 tools to get you started:

MM Food Guide Cover (1).png

A Step by Step Guide on What To Eat After You’ve Discovered ‘Medical Medium’ By Anthony William- This guide puts all of Anthony William’s best advice into one easy guide. See what a typical day looks like when you add the lemon water, the celery juice, his heavy metal detox smoothie recipe, and add loads of fruits and vegetables. Get clear on which foods to eliminate or “move out,” which foods to cut back on and “move over.” Includes a comprehensive list of fruits, various vegetables, wild foods, herbs & spices so you know WHAT TO EAT and not just what to avoid.


Plant Based Eating Guide COVER.jpg

Whole Foods Plant Based Eating: A Comprehensive Guide- This guide is all about WHAT TO EAT once you’ve decided to denounce meat and processed foods. There is a complete 7 day meal plan with recipes! Have no fear about being hungry once you give up meat and processed foods because these foods replace those calories with fiber-rich nutrient dense foods. This plan is Medical Medium-friendly.



Medical Medium 101 by Anthony William on www.MedicalMedium.com- A page that is easy to navigate and see all of the things to start adding to your life. Lots of recipes and lots of how-to’s.

To your healh and healing,



Hi! I’m Mandi Palmer, a Food & Lifestyle Success Coach and I bring fellow sufferers of chronic illness back to life. I beleive that by giving the body the tools it needs to balance itself, that it can also heal itself. And so when you work with me, we work together on discovering and implementing exactly what those tools are for you. Click below to schedule a session with me or to learn more about working with me.

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