How to Stop Drinking Coffee without Getting a Caffeine Headache!


I was a coffee ADDICT for 14 years. I drank about 20-24 oz in the morning, and then another 12-16 in the afternoon. I’ve always been a health nut and I figured there were worse things I could be doing. Plus, most people drink coffee, don’t they?

That is, until I started following Medical Medium Protocols that encouraged kicking coffee to the curb.

Coffee is a stimulant, afterall, which means it stimulates the autonomic nervous system (which controls the fight or flight response) and the adrenal glands to produce hormones like adrenaline and coritisol.

And since I know you’re smart, I won’t go into why you don’t want a ton of adrenaline and cortisol floating around in your blood.

So when you’re addicted to a substance, there’s always withdrawl symptoms and for coffee, we know this to be a caffiene withdrawl headache or a coffee headache. Even when you try to go just one day without it.

So how do we get off coffee without getting the dreaded caffeine headache?

This method is EASY. PAINLESS. And effective. Not to mention enjoyable. And you won’t even notice you’re trying to quit caffeine!

You’ll need the following (Always choose organic).

No need to purchase all of these, as you can easily get any of these from your local coffee shops.

Regular coffee

Decaf coffee

Black tea

Green tea

Herbal tea

The Method to Stop Drinking Coffee without Getting A Coffee Headache/Caffeine Headache

If you’re only a tea drinker, you can decrease concentration of your teas gradually by not steeping as long as you normally do.

Day 1

Enjoy your regular coffee mixed with 1/2 decaf coffee.

Day 2

Enjoy 1/3 of your regular coffee mixed with 2/3 decaf coffee.

Day 3

Enjoy decaf coffee spiked with just 1/8 of your total amount as regular coffee.

Day 4

First day without coffee, but NOT without caffeine. Enjoy black tea today. Black tea has the highest caffeine content of all the teas.

Day 5

Enjoy black tea once again.

Day 6

Make the switch to green tea, which has about half the amount of caffeine as green tea.

Day 7

Enjoy another day of green tea.

Day 8

Now begins the no caffeine day. BUT because you’re a coffee lover, you probably want something that mimics the richness and darkness of coffee, I know because so did I. These are the 3 coffee alternatives that I think mimic coffee the best:

Chicory Root (even brews like coffee!) (Read about the benefits of chicory here).

Roased Dandelion Tea

Chaga Tea (Chaga has amazing benefits that make the higher cost WORTH IT). Read about the benefits of Chaga here.

If the richness of coffee no longer interests you, choose from hundreds of herbal teas. Be sure your herbal tea has no additives such as natural flavors (natural flavors are actually a form of MSG!).

The BEST part about getting off coffee and caffeine? All of these options have amazing health benefits! Way more than green tea or black tea. While green tea does have antioxidants, it also still has caffeine which stress your adrenal glands.

You know what else has antioxidants? Fruit!! Especially wild blueberries. As do veggies such as artichokes, red bell peppers, and kale. You don’t need tea for antioxidants.

Some of my favorite herbal teas are red clover, peppermint, burdock root, lemon balm, nettle, dandelion leaf, cleavers. These herbs are medicinal while being enjoyable. Combine your favorite ones!

What you add to your hot beverage matters, too.

Opt out of processed sugar cane and choose raw honey as your sweetener of choice. While the enzymes in honey are killed when the beverage is above 118 degrees, it’s still better than any processed or artificial alternative.

A fan of milk? Choose either coconut milk with no added ingredients such as this one (which goes fabulous in chaga by the way) or a homemade plant-based milk such as oat milk, almond milk, or hemp milk.

Making these milks are as easy as whipping it up in a blender with some water (optional additions include honey and/or salt) and straining in a nut milk bag. Inexpensive and healthy! Most milk alternatives contain thickeners and natural flavors which is just crap you don’t need.

Fight Fatigue Naturally!

Getting off caffeine is amazing for your health. I had no idea how jittery and anxious coffee made me every day. I actually found that I had more natural and sustained energy, too!

If energy is a problem for you, it’s not that you NEED caffeine. Energy levels become low when we’re fighting a low grade viral condition, when our immune system needs help, when our adrenal glands are shot, and when we’re low in B-12, to name a few.

But, not just any B-12 will do. I LOVE this one by Vimergy that has a combination of adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. Most don’t have the former and it’s necessary for a healthy nervous system.

You’ll also want to sustain your energy with the right foods: glucose, mineral salts, and postassium.

Our body runs on glucose. Now, this doesn’t mean start getting a pastry in place of coffee- it means choose fruit and often. Pair your fruit with something like celery or leafy greens for the ultimate adrenal snack. My favorite combo is apple (glucose), celery (mineral salts), and dates (potassium). See this article by Anthony William for more info on adrenal snacks.

You’ll also want to support your adrenals and therefore your energy by eating at least every 2 hours. (Learn more about the adrenals here).

Follow these guidelines to wean off caffeine without the dreaded caffeine headache or coffee headache. And don’t forget to support your adrenals for natural, sustained energy. You’ll soon see that a life without coffee and caffeine is a healthier, more grounded life.

If your energy just doesn’t pick up, schedule a Health Strategy Session with me here.


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