Is Your Heart Open to Receiving?

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Do you ask for help when you need it? Do you receive it with an open heart and open mind when it's offered to you?

One of the biggest challenges I've had as an adult is being comfortable asking for and humbly accepting help.

I love learning about experts' lives and learning how they advise navigating life, health, or business challenges. Learning is one of my strong suits.

But when learning and researching on my own isn't enough- and it comes time to ask for help- that's where I get stuck.

Taking up someone else's time to talk about me, my wants, my needs... how dare I take up space in the world- in their world- for me?!

I find that it's so much easier to give and offer help than it is to receive help. I've been a Massage Therapist, a Fitness Trainer, and now a Food & Lifestyle Success Coach. I've made serving others my business.

I'm comfortable doing it. I love creating a safe, nurturing space for someone else to learn and grow. 

I have to remind myself this: "Mandi, you love doing this for other people. Which means others LOVE doing this as well!”

Whether it be just stopping someone from what they’re doing and asking for directions; asking an employee for help with your heavy purchase to get it into your car without tweaking your back; or letting a friend know that you’re sad or depressed and need her shoulder.

We’re not meant to live in our own bubbles. We’re here for one another.

How do you get over the hump of asking for help?

To receive help takes surrendering to your weaknesses.

It means shoving your ego to the side and allowing your vulnerability to come through.

To receive means to be vulnerable.

Are we afraid of what they might think?

Are we fearful of what we might see in ourselves?

Do we dread doing the work and putting forth the effort?

We don’t know everything. We can’t do everything ourselves. And we weren’t meant to.

Another hurdle to seeking help is that we become comfortable with being uncomfortable. The pain, the suffering, or our symptoms become the norm. They become a part of us. And it becomes a part of our identity.

Who are we without these challenges, this thing weighing on our shoulders, on our soul? 

Whatever you are asking for in your life, maybe you're not supposed to receive it or achieve it alone. Maybe someone is supposed to facilitate it for you, be there for you, or offer you what they have to give.

Do you mind when someone asks you for help? Or are you happy to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, or offer up a second opinion in an area which you’re knowledgable?

Of course, you don’t mind. And you probably feel your soul shining just a little bit brighter after you do so.

Don't get in your own way. 

There's always someone who wants to be there for you. A friend can know when you need support. But a coach like me, a life coach, a mentor, or a therapist, we only know when you reach out and initiate the exchange.

I am always honored when others find it within themselves to reach out so that I can use my strengths and skills to be of service.

Because service is part of purpose.

And we experience fulfillment as we live our purpose and share our purpose with others.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

To your health and healing,



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