My Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Adventure: Round 3

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My last 3:6:9 was in January and now it’s May… it’s taken me a while to feel ready to do it again but I’m so glad that I did.

If you’re not familiar with Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue 3:6:9, it’s the 9 day cleanse from his book, Liver Rescue, designed to work WITH the liver to GENTLY clean out lifelong toxins from deep inside the liver that contribue to a multitude of chronic health conditions.

How It Was Day by Day

The first 3 days isn’t different for me except for the increase in apples since I stick to only fruits and vegetables. Im currently radical fat free for this year (2019) so far, and I don’t do any legumes or grains.

However, I didn’t feel great days 2 and 3- I felt really tired. This was due to a combination of overdoing it for a few days prior and the apples doing their thing!

Day 4 my jaw felt painful. Had this been in the occipital area, this would have been a migraine. This lasted no more than 24 hours and was managable. Again, this was due to me overdoing it on the days preceding which left my immune system vulnerable to the viral load I’m still working on getting low enough to be symptom free.

Days 4 and 5 I was feeling the effects of emotional detox. I felt frustrated. I wanted to wine about not being able to have potatoes. I felt like a toddler who wines and stomps thier feet! (I can assure you I remained composed and didn’t give in to the emotions I was releasing). Since we do detox emotions on this cleanse, I patiently waited for these to release and subside. And they did. On the postive side, I had no bloating like I do almost on a daily basis and my skin looked amaaaaaaazing.

Day 6 I felt AMAZING. I felt energetic. Vibrant. My chronic bloating was GONE. I felt lighter. Clear-headed. Joyful.

Day 7: started feeling tired and foggy headed after lunch.

Day 8 and 9 I felt pretty good. I made sure to time everything right and eat enough so that I felt satiated. Skin is still looking better than ever!

What I Can Report

In order for me to feel ful on this cleanse, I have anywhere between 32-48 oz of the LR smoothie, which is much more than the recipe. The one day I only had one 32 oz smoothie though, I had to make 2 LR applesauces in the afternoon, so I knew that even a 32 oz smoothie wasn’t enough for me in the morning. I like to switch up the smoothie in the morning between the two options and also alternate between papaya and banana, so it really feels like you’re not stuck with only 2 options.

I just do not like Liver Rescue Salad, Option B— even pulsed up in the food processor it’s just too much to chew and the flavors get to me (probably detox!). I had it twice and then couldn’t do it anymore. Option A, is so much easier and enjoyable to eat.

I had evidence throughout the entire cleanse that my body was getting rid of stuff… *wink*wink.*

The days following the cleanse, my plan was to stick to only the foods listed in the Liver Rescue book which isn’t hard for me to do, it was just a choice I made to continue to support my liver, especially with melon everyday after celery juice (blended watermelon is my absolute favorite).

I WAS more bloated after the cleanse ended than during.

I’ve learned that about a week/week and a half following each of my Liver Rescue 3:6:9 cleanses, I’m still releasing stuff. Fatigue and bloating (abdominal distention) were my primary symptoms for a week following this last 3:6:9.

With the bloating and fatigue, I knew I needed to support my lymphatic system as much as I could to continue to flush out. I did this with cucumber juice, cleavers and red clover tea, the Liver Rescue Tea from the book (which is dandelion, nettle, burdock root, and red clover), lots of lemon/lime water, and rebounding. This all definitely helped me shake the fatigue and bloating.

IMPORTANT SIDEBAR- You want to SLOWLY reintroduce foods you’re used to having on your Medical Medium journey such as beans and lentils, quinoa, nuts and seeds. And if you can stand it, try and go a few more days without radical fats so your body can continue to clear out easily.

Have I noticed a difference in my chronic symptoms?

Well, my night sweats have seem to come back during this cleanse (which I only get close to my cycle). And these were mostly non-existent last year! My sensitivity to chemicals has progressively been getting better on my entire Medical Medium healing journey (which is mainly caused by a toxic liver). And, no, I didn't lose any weight (even though during, I felt like I did, I'm the same after completion)

I knew going into this that a burdened liver was one of the MAIN things I really needed to heal. So, there are many more Liver Rescue 3:6:9’s in my future!

And like the last couple of times, I am so glad that I did it. It’s quite a lot of planning, but it’s so worth it. Plus, I created a convenient Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Shopping List that I share with you for free which helps a lot!

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Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Shopping Guide: A Complete List of Items Needed for the “3:6:9 Cleanse” in Liver Rescue by Anthony William

I provide 3 seperate lists for The 3, The 6, and The 9 as well as a Master Shopping List if you’d like to get it in one go. This guide takes almost all of the planning out that you would need to do.

Download now, completely FREE.


Happy cleansing, my friends!

To your health and healing,



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