My Results With the Medical Medium Liver Rescue 3:6:9!

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If you're not familiar with The Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Cleanse by Anthony William, it's the cleanse in his most recent book Liver Rescue.

You see, over the course of my healing journey and helping clients with their health challenges I've learned a few things to be certain and one of them is this:

Most of us have an underlying sluggish liver contributing to various health challenges. This can range from difficulty losing weight, mystery weight gain, skin conditions, aging, chemical and food sensitivities, night sweats, and even Type 2 diabetes.

So why have I embarked on this cleanse?

One of my biggest health challenges has been my sensitivity to chemicals and a sluggish liver is one of the reasons behind this. I have been on a long term cleansing journey for two years, but this 9 day cleanse makes everything else I do on a regular basis that much more powerful!

So how was my experience on round 2?

Not so bad!

  • Many days, I had more energy.

  • I was a lot less bloated this time around than the first.

  • I even survived having my menstrual cycle on days 4-6 (which brought me some fatigue, but not for long).

  • Day 5 I was the most fatigued with a light headache making itself known in the mid-afternoon. Increased my lemon water and that helped. The first round on day 5, I was hurtin'. So this was MUCH improved.

  • And day nine (the all liquids day) I did lots of blended melon and blended papaya and only had one glass of orange juice. I felt satiated all day. My body really looks forward to this fruit flush day.

  • This cleanse will be much easier when the weather warms up. I missed stews and soups with the high temperatures in the 30's here in Asheville.

  • Had some heavy fatigue earlier in the day on day 9, but to be fair, I drank about 80 oz of blended watermelon within a few hours and watermelon is REALLY detoxifying. By comparison, in the warmer months when I was doing lots of blended watermelon, I'd drink 16-24 oz and I'd feel a liver referral pain in my back. And as much watermelon as I drank yesterday, this did not happen at all. Win!! This is a tell-tale sign that I am not as toxic as I was then.

You'll notice that my symptoms were some fatigue, light headache, and some bloating. These are typical detox symptoms... anything more than this or any of these that lasts days and days would likely be a flare-up. These detox symptoms tell me that I have a ways to go with cleansing my liver.

Too much detox can cause a flare-up and this can be tough to gauge. I recommend following the 28 day cleanse basic guidelines for a period of time, lowering your fats, and doing the lemon water and celery juice daily for a while prior to attempting this cleanse.

And also I recommend first completing the Thyroid Healing protocol if you have any EBV or viral issues (Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, vertigo, tinnitus, MS, hormone problems, etc) or The Celery Juice Cleanse outlined in his book, Celery Juice.. The protocol he has in Thyroid Healing is actually much more simple to incorporate into your life than the 28 day cleanse and the Liver Rescue 3:6:9.

The Celery Juice Cleanse in Medical Medium’s new book Celery Juice is actually another really great place to start before embarking on the 3:6:9.

So what results can I report?

Getting rid of crud that bogged me down feels so uplifting. I have the sensation of lightness physically... and my heart feels more open. Unburdened in multiple ways, actually. So, more spiritual, mental, and emotional progress than anything physical.

I wish I could claim more physical results, because I know that’s what many of you are looking for, but all the stuff I'm working on now is long term and the results will be seen over time, after a few more rounds of Liver Rescue 3:6:9, switching up my supplements here and there, and continuing to do what I do every day with my food and self-care.

I have created something super awesome that I know you’ll love to help you along with this cleanse:

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Download my Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Shopping Guide absolutely free to make shopping for the specific ingredients a breeze.

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Don’t Want to Embark on This Cleanse Alone? Or need help on your Medical Medium journey?

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