Overcoming MCS, Chemical Sensitivities, & Toxic Body Burden

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Do you have a sensitivity to fragrance or chemicals? When you walk past someone while out in public and their perfume wafts over you and your throat burns and your sinuses act up?

Or maybe this type of encounter zaps your energy for a few days. Maybe it causes another underlying condition of yours to flare up.

There are two things happening at play here.

Number 1: This sh*t IS friggin toxic and you have every right to react to something that is toxic.

Number 2: Those with chemical sensitivities or MCS have a higher Toxic Body Burden than others. The liver is over-burdened by heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and even pathogenic byproducts (read more on this here).

What is Toxic Body Burden?

Simply put, it’s when our bodies (particularly our livers and the cells of our body) are so overloaded with toxins and our detoxification pathways are not working efficiently and therefore the elimination and nuetralization of these chemicals is diminished.

Industry leaders will have you believe that there is a genetic piece to this. I disagree with this and lean towards the explanation given by Anthony William in Liver Rescue.

I’ll paraphrase. (Note that Anthony William does not use the term “body burden,” he usually says “overburdened liver” but I prefer “body burden” since it’s a term many are familiar with.)

The liver is the powerhouse for neutralizing and helping us to excrete these poisons. It also STORES these toxins when they can’t be eliminated properly. Thus, increasing our body burden.

When the liver is backed up, eventually, so is the lympatic system. The body tries to process macromolocules through the lymph because the liver wasn’t able to and this leads to blockages. And these blockages can also lead to weight gain and water retention.

When the liver and lymphatic system get so bogged down by toxins and it’s not eliminating these things as quickly as it needs to, one of the things that can develop is a sensitivity to environemental chemicals.

Remember, our environment post industrial revolution is extremely toxic:

  • Heavy metals from our kitchen tools, utensils, and even pesticides are a source for heavy metals.

  • Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides sprayed on landscaping and even in our homes.

  • Conventional cleaning products that maybe we don’t even clean with anymore, but we get exposed to when we go to a grocery store that has a freshly cleaned bathroom.

  • ANYTHING with fragrance (it takes great effort to avoid fragrance these days).

  • All the pharmaceuticals we take and what we don’t take that could be in our drinking water if not well filtered.

  • And other components in our drinking water such as fluoride and chlorine, that despite conventional thinking, do contribute to an overburdened liver.

  • And viral byproduct. If you’re not familiar with Anthony William’s teachings on the chronic viral infections those with chronic illnesses are battling, you’ll want to read Thyroid Healing, by Anthony William.

And a life sensitive to chemicals is no life to live. You never know where or when you’ll be exposed to something that triggers a reaction. And this often leaves many of us feeling ill and even unable to work or take of ourselves (let alone others) for days at a time.

How to Battle This Toxic World

  1. Limit your toxic exposure as much as you can. Eat organic fruits and veggies, use natural or DIY cleaning products, only put on your skin and hair what you would put in your mouth. Learn more in my guide Break Free From Toxic Body Burden: A Comprehensive Guide (coming soon!).

  2. Learn how to detox using food and not a “cleanse in a box.” You don’t need to buy a specific cleanse in order to cleanse. AND you can learn how to speed it up and slow it down using just food. Learn more in my 3 Day Gentle & Deep Cleanse to Kick-Start Better Health. This provides you with 3 days worth of meals, but teaches you how to cleanse which lasts forever.

  3. Do your best to filter what you breathe. Get the IQ Air Multi-Gas air purifier for your home, use a mask (such as a vogmask) when you go out.

  4. Since the cause of MCS isn’t just toxic body burden and healing the liver, it’s also about getting rid of the viral pathogens creating byproduct that is overburdening the liver and damaging the central nervous system. The CNS gets damaged not only from the neurotoxins created from chronic viral activity, but also from certain toxic chemicals. Our symptoms arise so quickly because of a senstitive CNS already bogged down by viral neurotoxins further being irritated by the harmful chemical exposure. For my resource and more info on this, visit this link, read this blog, and listen to this podcast by Anthony William.

Many clients I work with, myself, and those in the Medical Medium community are seeing amazing results with our chemical sensitivities using the things on this page. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not a quick fix. But it is a fix that also comes along with other health benefits. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to go out in public and not have to deal with your reactions?

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Get started on lowering your toxic body burden today with my guide: “Break Free From Toxic Body Burden: How to Live a Toxin Free Lifestyle and the ABC’s of getting Toxins Out”

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