7 Self-Care Ideas to Bring You Peace & Vitality Daily

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Self care doesn’t have to be something you do every once in a while like a massage or a solo vacation, although it can be.

While those things are great, they don’t help you on a daily basis. Self-care must be a daily thing. And it’s not only what you do, but how you do it. Meaning, the attitude and energy you bring to it.

I don’t know this to be true by observation… I know this to be true because I used to live a life with little self-care until my body forced me to learn about it.

I also have a history of having anxious energy or showing up in my life wrapped around worry. Not only was this exhausting, but you can imagine what it was doing to my health as well.

We live in a chaotic, fast-paced world where our connection to nature and the earth isn’t as strong as it once was. This leads to increased stress and eventually, illness. Ever notice how you feel better once you take a walk, experience nature, or stop to just breathe?

These 7 Self-Care techniques will bring you peace and vitality when practiced on a daily basis or even a few times a week.

1. Meditate Daily

You had to know this was on here, right?! We tend to spend a lot of time in the sympathetic nervous sytem state when we are experiencing any type of stress or go-go-go lifestyle. And this is pretty much detrimental to our health if we don’t spend some time in the parasympathetic state of the nervous system, known as the rest and digest state.

If you have any type of chronic health challenge, it is imperative that you do things to enter this state daily.

Meditation does that. It slows our heart rate. It sends a message to our brain that we are safe and can relax and move forth with digesting our food. (This is also the feeling when you get a really good massage and you’re half asleep and you don’t want to get up from the table!)

If you don’t already, spend some time meditating whether you choose to focus on a mantra, listen to a guided meditation, or just sit for 5-20 minutes and focus on your breathing.

2. Qigong or Tai Chi

Yet another thing that activates our parasympathetic nervous system. Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of gentle and easy exercises that works with our “qi” (pronounced chee) or our lifeforce energy that promotes health and vitality.

Qigong feels soooo good. It’s like moving meditation, but feeds me with more energy than meditation does.

When practiced daily, people have reported feeling more clear headed, releif or improvement of chronic symptoms, and the increased ability to meditate (okay the last one was only me, but I swear by it! I had trouble doing sitting meditation before Qigong came along in my life).

I wrote more about Qigong here in this blog post: My Secret Weapon Against Stress. I’m also a Certified Flowing Zen Qigong instructor and I’d be happy to show you the ropes!

3. Eat Nourishing, Healthy Food Mindfully

Whatever diet mentality you subscribe to, we all need fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the more RAW fruits and vegetables the better because of the living enzymes and living water they contain. Raw fruits and vegetables are hydrating, too.

Feel an apprciation towards your food. Consume it with gratitude and as you eat it, imagine it nourishing you on a cellular level, even on an energetic level.

Consuming too much cooked food and too much processed food, while can keep us alive, does not allow us to thrive.

Read more about eating the right foods here and here.

4. Do something with your body- Mindful Movement

Movement. Exercise. Stretching. Lifting weights. Light, strenuous, whatever. Yoga, walking, hiking, and Rebounding are my personal favorites!

Do something with your body- MINDFULLY- everyday. This gets us out of our heads and into the present moment- but only if you’re only focused on the movement. Watching TV at the same time, while is exercise and good for you, you’ll get more out of it if your present and FEELING the movement as your body makes it.

That’s why I love yoga and walking. Because I can feel my body move and I can use my breath in it. They allow for a strong mind-body connection and that, I think, is so incredibly healing.

5. Check Your Attitude & Bring the Best You

The energy you bring to any circumstance in your life such as raising your children, a meeting with your co-workers, or checking out at the grocery store dictates how well these things go and how people will respond to you.

Have you ever met someone who has emotional wounds that compels them to act like the world owes them everything? Or someone who just isn’t “nice” or has uninviting energy around them where you just don’t want to be around them?

Or how about someone who is so “busy” and so chaotic that you can barely have a conversation with them because they talk really fast about everything they have going on or everything they have to do and they cut the conversation short because they don’t have time and have to move on to the next thing?

How good would it feel to always bring calm, loving, or focused/grounded energy to everything in your life?

Think about what mental and emotional state you’re in. Ask yourself what type of energy you want to bring forth to those that interact with you, the activities, or work you do. If it’s not the best you, what might you do to change it?

6. Cleanse Your Insides Everyday.

The cleaner your body feels, the more energy you’ll have, and therefore, the more you’re likely to bring your best self forward. It’s like if your constipated, have a headache, or low energy. . . are you going to bring your best self forward? Not likely.

Start your day with lemon water and celery juice. Lemon water first thing in the morning flushes out the liver from the cleaning it did over night. Celery juice (as recommended by Anthony William in Medical Medium) rebuilds stomach acid, cleanses the liver, is great for the central nervous system, and an all-around wonderful herbal elixir.

Do 16 oz of filtered water with 1/2 lemon. Wait 20 minutes before drinking celery juice (work up to 1 bunch which yeilds about 16 oz). Then, wait 20 minutes again before eating.

Starting your day with cleansing beverages means you’re more likely to also choose healthy breakfast foods and make healthier choices throughout the day.

7. Connect with Nature

Yes, connecting with nature is totally a form of self-care. If we look at the concept that everything is frequency, we can see that negative emotions, stress, pressure from work or life lower our vibration. This moves us further away from our true nature which is being in tune with the energies of the earth.

Gardening, walking on a trail, spending time in a park. . . any place where there are trees, rocks, flowers, or grass will do.

But don’t just go to a park and look at your phone. Interact with it. Look at it. Touch it. Feel it. Resonate with it. This is how it will heal you.

I guarantee that if you were feeling sad, anxious, or angry that you will feel so much better after having interacted with nature.

Try these 7 amazing ways to take care of yourself daily and I know you will be on your way to living your life as your best self!

Looking for more energy, peace, and vitality? Check out my online course: “Holistic Harmony for a Healthful Life: 10 Foundations to Balance the Body for More Energy, Peace, & Vitality.”

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