What Healing Has Taught Me About Spirituality & Life

What Healing Has Taught Me About Spirituality & Life.png

It’s a perfect autumn day as the warm sun graces me with her presence and the faintness of a cool breeze as I sit in my backyard in the slightly wobbly Adirondack chair my husband made surrounded by trees that have bared their bones to me.

There’s nothing like feeling peace, gratitude, and joy all at the same time. And in this moment I experience them all.

You see, the past few years I’ve been healing. Healing from chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue. Healing from the Epstein Barr Virus. And healing emotional wounds.

And in this healing, I have found deeper spirituality every day.

As my body releases toxins, it makes room for joy.

As my body releases stored up negative emotions, it makes room for peace.

And as I let go of my past illnesses and behavior patterns that no longer serve me (just like the trees letting go of their leaves) I make room for gratitude.

When I moved to Asheville, North Carolina to begin healing, I didn’t expect this level of deep healing. The compassion I’ve gained for myself, others, and animals has awakened me to a whole new way of being in the world.

It’s ignited my intuitive gifts where I feel and know more clearly what’s in the ether. Gifts I’m learning to expand.

Even though I’ve made great strides, I don’t pretend to be fully healed or even halfway towards enlightenment!

When this started, I just wanted my chronic health challenges to go away.

I just wanted the migraines to STOP.

I never wanted to experience the awful, horrible, debilitating vertigo ever again.

I wanted to f***ing sleep throughout the night and not be awake during the quiet hours in the middle of the night when the rest of the world was catching up on their sleep.

What was bestowed upon me by [insert higher power here] was far more than I had ever asked for.

I have gratitude that much of this suffering is behind me and humbled that it is because things can change in an instant.

But, it’s given me a renewed spirit. I’m empowered to continue to heal myself and to guide others on their healing path as well.

And I *know* that is the reason I have found healing- to share it with you. To share what I’ve learned with you. To empower you to regain your health. Because gifts like this are not meant to be kept only for ourselves.

💖 💖 💖

To your health and healing,