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Health Strategy Sessions & Coaching with Mandi


My Back to Balance Coaching Program will restore balance to your body and bring you back to feeling like your old healthy self once again.



If you. . .

*Go to bed at night anxious about the sleep you might not get...

*Have to miss work because you're stuck in bed with a migraine or debilitating pain...

*Are so fatigued you can't take care of your family or lack the strength to put one foot in front of the other...

*Dread going out in public fearing a reaction to chemicals and fragrance leaving you ill or bedridden for days…

--Or anything along these lines--

I've been there, too (read my story here). It feels hopeless, isolating, and overwhelming all at the same time.

There is hope, my friend. There are things you can do (even though you feel you've tried them all). It is possible for you to improve. I'm living proof!

The truth is this: It's not about a diet. It's not about a pill. It's not about just ONE thing.

It's about YOU finding out YOU'RE unique path to balance and wellness.

Get your health back. Get your LIFE back.

Schedule your first video session with me, today and get on the path to feeling like your healthy, vibrant self again!

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Back to balance, back to life!

The key to wellness lies in decreasing stress to your system as a whole. So, when you work towards balancing out your body by:

*Supporting it with the right foods

*Decreasing your toxic body burden

*Increasing your resilience to stress

*Improving your quality of sleep

There is less stress occurring to the body systems (nervous, digestive, lymphatic, etc.)

This allows them to restore balance to themselves, naturally.

With my Back to balance Coaching Program you can expect to:


Gain Clarity with a Food Plan That's Right for You.

Instead of committing to a dogmatic way of eating, I provide whole foods plans that's easy for anyone to follow. 

It starts with food. We make the choice between healing or disease every time we put a fork to our mouths. With an infinite amount of information out there on the web, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with what to eat and what not to eat. Together, I help you find what is right for you. I have easy to follow food plans to get you started! 

Improve Your Energy by Decreasing "Toxic Body Burden"

Our livers and lymphatic system become overburdened with toxins we come in contact with everyday. This leads to decreased energy and even the inability to lose weight.

In my program, you'll learn GENTLE and SIMPLE ways to cleanse your body that don't leave you feeling awful! 

You'll also learn how to eliminate toxins from your life and limit your exposure to unavoidable carcinogenic toxins. 



Improve Your Resilience to Stress

You'll learn how to increase your resilience to stress and specific techniques that improve your resilience in the long term such as qigong and meditations. You'll also learn "band-aid" techniques to help you in the moment such as deep breathing and visualization.

You'll find out your character strengths and what comes naturally to you through exploring positive psychology. 

Medical Medium Information as a Tool for Wellness

The resources published by Anthony William, The Medical Medium™ such as the books, podcasts, and blog have been an instrumental in my own life and many of my clients are seeing results because of this information.

This information is one of the main tools I use when we co-create a wellness plan specific to you.



A Movement Plan Based on Where You Are Right Now. 

More exercise is rarely ever the answer- especially while trying to restore balance to your body. Many people either over exercise or find that they lack the energy to get moving at all and remain sedentary.

I'll help you find a happy medium and an approach that is right for you at this stage.

Balance Restored, Holistically

In my coaching, you and I take into consideration that you are much more than a physical body- you have mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Aligning these 4 parts of oneself can bring the body back into balance and allow the body to tap into it's innate ability to restore balance.


“Back to Balance” Coaching Packages

The packages are by far the best value. With multiple sessions, we are able to get so much more done together. Plus, you get support and resources in between sessions. Clients see the best results when working with me long term. Click here to see my comprehensive online course Holistic Harmony for a Healthful Life: 10 Foundations to Balance the Body for More Energy, Peace, & Vitality.

Who my services Are NOT for

  • If you believe that the food you eat does not impact your health whatsoever or you feel will always be this way and there's nothing you can do about it- I won't be able to convince you otherwise. I believe there is always something that will empower us with our health... we just have to find it.

  • While weight loss is often a result of addressing our health, it is not my main area of focus. I often find that the body has different priorities than we have and I address those issues first with my clients so that the body has what it needs to balance out. Only then does weight loss happen, naturally— and permanently.

  • If you already feel like you have all the right answers and you have no trouble applying those concepts to your life, you probably don't need me. Sounds like you're doing great all on your own! If you hit a plateau, you might need some assistance and that's okay! Or, you may decide you just need 1 session vs a package.

Ready to Feel Empowered with Your Health? 

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