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Resources to help you in your journey to vibrant health!


I’ve created these as helpful tools for my clients and now I’m making them available to everyone. I know you will find these helpful and there’s something for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey. Enjoy!

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Comprehensive Success Guides (For a Small Investment)

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Break Free From Toxic Body Burden - If you suffer from random headaches, fatigue, nausea, get sick often, or just don’t feel good in your body, this guide is for you. In it, I share where toxins are coming from in our daily lives, how they contribute to illness, how to eliminate them from your life so you take in much less, and tips on how to rid them from your body. This is a very important topic that isn’t talked about enough. Our toxic body burden is directly related to aging, chronic illness or chronic symptoms, and even things like cancer.



Whole Foods Plant Based Eating: A Comprehensive Guide- This guide is all about WHAT TO EAT once you’ve decided to denounce meat and processed foods. There is a complete 7 day meal plan with recipes! Have no fear about being hungry once you give up meat and processed foods because these foods replace those calories with fiber-rich nutrient dense foods.


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A Step by Step Guide on What To Eat After You’ve Discovered ‘Medical Medium’ By Anthony William- This guide puts all of Anthony William’s best advice into one easy guide. See what a typical day looks like when you add the lemon water, the celery juice, his heavy metal detox smoothie recipe, and add loads of fruits and vegetables. Get clear on which foods to eliminate or “move out,” which foods to cut back on and “move over.” Includes a comprehensive list of fruits, various vegetables, wild foods, herbs & spices so you know WHAT TO EAT and not just what to avoid.



FREE Success Guides

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3 Day Gentle & Deep Cleanse to Kick Start Better Health- This is a cleanse inspired from the Medical Medium books by Anthony William. This short and sweet cleanse teaches you how to ease into and out of a cleanse. It also emphasizes listening to the cues your body is giving you to cater any cleanse to your needs. What you learn here goes far beyond a 3 day cleanse!



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3:6:9 Liver Cleanse Shopping List- This is a shopping list to go along with the 3:6:9 cleanse in Liver Rescue by Anthony William.