Feel like your healthy self once again with my "Feel Like You Again" Health Coaching Package

When did you feel your absolute best? Healthy, vibrant, energetic, and your best self? If you haven't felt this way in a long time, it's easy to give up hope that you will ever feel better.

I want to restore that hope and help you feel like you again by lending you my expertise, support, and care so that you may find insight into and harness the balancing power your body already has. You can find all of this in my 'Feel Like You Again' Coaching Package.


Here's what you'll experience with my 'Feel Like You Again' Coaching Package:

✔ You'll gain clarity with food and a plan that's right for you.

 Instead of committing to a dogmatic way of eating, I provide whole foods plans that's easy for anyone to follow. 

✔ Have more "good" days.

If you work towards balancing out your body by supporting with the right foods, etc. while eliminating certain foods and decreasing your toxic body burden, the natural result that over time will be a general, overall feeling of health and positive well-being.

✔ Improve on your sleep and increase energy!

 You'll learn how to avoid common sleep pitfalls and improve your quality of sleep. Decreasing your toxic body burden by identifying toxicants, how to eliminate/reduce them in your life, and how to properly cleanse and detox your body has numerous benefits including more energy and a decreased risk for cancer. Increased energy is a natural result of improving your food, sleep, and supporting your body in all the right ways. (Most- if not all- of my clients experience an increase in energy).

✔ Decrease stress by improving your resilience to stress

You'll learn how to increase your resilience to stress and specific techniques that help in the moment and long term. You'll learn your character strengths and what comes naturally to you through exploring positive psychology.

✔ Gain a sense of Empowerment with your health!

The Medical Medium Protocol ™ & Resources has helped thousands! Once you know the true cause of your health challenges, you regain your power back.

✔ A movement plan based on where you are right now. 

More exercise is rarely ever the answer- especially while trying to restore balance to your body. Many people either over exercise or find that they lack the energy to get moving at all and remain sedentary. I'll help you find a happy medium and an approach that is right for you at this stage.


The key to improving your health and symptoms lies in decreasing stress to your system as a whole.

When your lifestyle factors such as food, stress, and sleep are addressed, there is less stress occurring to your systems: less stress to your nervous system, digestive system, and lymph system for example.

My holistic approach returns balance to each system, and therefore, your body as a whole.


It starts with food. We make the choice between healing or disease every time we put a fork, spoon, cup or our fingers to our lips. With an infinite amount of information out there on the web, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with what to eat and what not to eat. I provide clarity, education, and guidance for you in this department. I have easy to follow food plans to get you started! (I hold a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida, but I am not a licensed nutritionist). 


Functional Medicine Health Coaching is a niche of coaching that focuses on getting to the root causes and the lifestyle factors that impact the underlying causes of disease. These lifestyle factors include food, activity, stress resiliency, sleep, environment, relationships, and habits/behaviors. I am a FMCHC (Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach). Learn more about Functional Medicine here.


Movement doesn't have to be a strict exercise program, but it can be. It's what YOU need. We will only stick with what we enjoy.

Moving the body creates a connection that integrates the body, mind, and spirit. Movement should feel invigorating! With my experience in fitness training and massage therapy, together we create the right movement plan that you follow through with.

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In my coaching, you and I take into consideration that you are much more than a physical body- you have mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Aligning these 4 parts of oneself can bring the body back into balance and allow the body to tap into it's innate ability to restore balance.

Knowing how to not only manage, but transform your stress removes the physical, mental, and emotional burden we experience from stress. We develop resiliency by integrating mindfulness into our daily routine. Meditation & Qigong are great tools for improving your resiliency to stress. Like prayer, meditation & Qigong take you into the parasympathetic nervous system response, which is where the healing and resiliency happen! Read about Qigong here.


After studying the Medical Medium Protocol and integrating it into my life, my chronic symptoms and illness improved tremendously. In my coaching process, I present Anthony William's recommendations as options for my clients. The choices are always yours to make in coaching- what you decide to bring into your life or leave behind.

'Feel Like You Again' Package includes:

✔     1 Foundation Session (75 min) in which we go over your history, timeline, and set up an initial plan to get you going.

✔     7 Coaching Sessions (60 min) over the next 3 months, spread out to give you time to be supported as you create new habits.

✔     Unlimited E-mail and Text Support in between Sessions.

✔     Tools and Resources such as whole food plans, information on managing your health challenges, and a number of tools and resources specific to you.

✔     Includes ALL of my available downloadable PDFs absolutely free- "Toxic Body Burden: A Comprehensive Guide" and "Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Eating: A Comprehensive Guide" (a $30 value)

It’s more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic systems and to restore balance, rather than to name the disease and match the pill to the ill.
— Dr. Mark Hyman

Are you ready to feel empowered with your health? I am truly excited to hear your story and join you on your healing journey!


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