6 Barriers to Making Progress on the Medical Medium® Protocols: Part 1

Aug 16, 2023 |

Here are 3 of 6 of the primary barriers I see in clients that hinder their progress when following Medical Medium® protocols.

We'll go over three of them here and the other half in part 2 here.

Since 2017, I've been having almost daily conversations about the infinite ways of applying MM info. Naturally, when we do something for a long time, we notice patterns. Over the years, I've noticed these 6 very common barriers that prevent people from seeing results in a timely manner. 

💚If you have done these things, no judgement whatsoever, my friend. We're all always learning! This is not a "you MUST do list." This is just me sharing information that I've discovered to help you continue to make the best decisions for yourself. YOU are always your utmost authority. Always remember that, first and foremost.

Let's get to it.

1. Not Engaging With the Information Often

The BEST thing you can do for your progress is to become a student of the information. Read the books at least once, if not over and over (or review the parts you've highlighted). I find that when people don't thoroughly read the books or listen to the podcasts and live videos often, they miss so many things that could benefit them and move their progress forward. 

I often discover that even those doing MM for a few years have missed very basic things because they don't like his personality and avoid listening to the podcasts and live videos.

    Even when we read the medical text books he's written, there's more information in there than we could ever retain (especially when we have brain fog or fatigue!) and we forget. We're overwhelmed enough with symptoms... so trying to retain everything isn't possible. Expose yourself regularly to the info in whichever way suits you best.

    If you can't read the books (or even if you can!) listen to not just the recent podcasts, but the old Hay House radio show archive on the Medical Medium Soundcloud page while doing chores or sitting outside as you're relaxing.

    2. Not Understanding 'Living Water' and the Best Times to Drink Beverages

    AW has said how much hydration can make or break symptoms... that if someone is dehydrated (most are chronically dehydrated which takes time to overcome) the symptoms can be that much worse or appear earlier in their life.

    What I find is that many aren't drinking living water throughout the day-- meaning, adding lemon, lime, thyme water, or putting their water in the sun to activate it. 

    Most do the morning lemon water, but some don't know to activate the water they drink the rest of the day. LIVING water (aloe water, fresh coconut water, cucumber juice, any FRESH non-HPP/bottled juice), raw, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, herbs, and wild foods are what hydrate us. Life-Changing Foods has the best explanation of this topic.

    A fun tid-bit: We're accustomed to drink water or a beverage with a meal, but did you know this can hinder digestion? If you can, drink living water, living juice, cranberry water, etc. in between your meals

    (However, if you struggle to even eat or remember to drink, maybe don't put so much importance on this one and just do your best). 

    But don't drink with your meal out of habit. Keep living water with you throughout the day and drink it in between meals, as best you can.

    Learn more about chronic dehydration here

    Learn more about living water here (the best info on this outside of the books is in his free course, The Healing Path)

    3. Taking Supplement Dosages That Are Too High and Taking An Overabundance of Supplements Too Soon.

    This is a big one. People who start MM are ill. Ninty-nine percent of the time, there's a very poor functioning liver, a high viral load, and a decent amount of dirty blood to deal with (among OTHER things not pertinent to making this particular point). 

    Antipathogenic supplements kill pathogens in greater quantity than foods. When someone does antivirals too intensely with a poor functioning liver AND high dirty blood, there is a large amount of die off the body is not yet equipped to deal with and symptoms worsen. 

    Do you know anyone or you yourself who's symptoms got so much worse AFTER starting MM? This was why.

    Additionally, every supplement you take, must be processed by the liver. When the liver is functioning at less than 40 or 50% (which most are when they start MM, some livers I intuitively find are only functioning at 10% or less!). So much energy goes into breaking these supplements down and SLOWS down liver healing. I've intuitively tested people who have been on MM for 3+ years who's liver function is still around 30-40%. It should be much higher after that amount of time even if they started under 10%.

    Once the liver gains a little more function...

    Once we know dirty blood isn't extreme...

    Then we know it's a good time to REALLY go after the pathogens more intensely. 

    I know many of you may be shaking your heads, but this is what not just myself, but other practitioners in my network have discovered as well.

    This is just HALF of the major barriers... Read part 2 here.

    From my heart to yours,

    Mandi Palmer, CHC

    Intuitive Health Strategist

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