This is the place to learn more about integrating Medical Medium Protocols, the Celery Juice Lifestyle, and healthy detox in a way that works for you and your life. 

mandi Palmer | Aug 15, 2023

The other 3 of 6 things I see as a practitioner that prevent people from fully making progress when following the Medical Medium Lifestyle.

mandi Palmer | Apr 26, 2023

This is advice I give to my friends and my clients on this lifestyle who need to hear some compassion and encouragement!

mandi Palmer | Sep 16, 2022

We know not to push the adrenals, but what can we do to move the body when we get exhausted from almost everything? I answer it here in ...

mandi Palmer | Jun 24, 2022

Why does it take months or even YEARS to see all symptoms go away on Medical Medium® Protocols? I'll explain why in this blog post.