6 Barriers to Making Progress on the Medical Medium Protocols: Part 2

Aug 16, 2023 |

The other 3 of 6 things I see as a practitioner that prevent people from fully making progress when following the Medical Medium Lifestyle.

Let's cover the other 3 major things I see that slow progress on the Medical Medium Lifestyle.

Remember, this is not a "You must do this" list, this is just my observation since I started this work in 2017 that I've decided to share publicly. YOU are your utmost authority and your intuition is vital. 

Don't forget to read part 1 here with items 1-3.

Here we go!

4. Not Properly Supporting the Adrenals

If you're taking care of your adrenals, you're:

  • Eating/snacking every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes it's necessary to graze even every 30 minutes in more severe cases.
  • Feeding your body glucose (fruit, potatoes, etc.) AND mineral salts (celery, lettuce, etc.) for meals AND snacks (see 16 examples of adrenal snacks here)
  • Doing your LW, CJ, and first glucose meal/juice/smoothie in a timely manner. All you need is 15-30 minutes in between each. Ideally, 30 minutes. 
  • Minding your stress, finding peaceful moments in life, and not reacting strongly when some SNAFU does occur.
  • Being mindful of the adrenals as you're cleansing (intense detox is hard on the adrenals)
  • Doing your best to manage intense pain

Life happens... Pets cross over rainbow bridge. Family and friends pass. Financial issues. Betrayals. Ailing and elderly parents that need looking after. Taking care of kids and their needs. Work obligations. Break-ups. Injuries. Fights with partners. Legal issues. Living next to loud neighbors or stinky/fragrance-loving neighbors. The list can go on and on for all the hardship we'll experience in our lifetime.

It's part of the human experience to examine how we can better react, respond, and cope with this stress. Our adrenals are called upon for adrenaline every single time we feel that stress. And if every day, you are calling up on your adrenals for that adrenaline, they struggle to recover. Nothing slows down progress more than stress and running the adrenals. Not even the "no-foods."

Speaking of which...

5. Eating NO-Foods

What can you expect when you eat no-foods?

Well, it depends on how often you do so and what the foods are. Because canola oil stays in the body for 6 months, I'd stay away from that one indefinitely. If it's dairy, that will stay in you 90 days. If you're eating something weekly, that will slow you down even more.

Really what I see with the intuitive testing is this...

Those that stay away from no-foods permanently move a little faster. Those that eat the no-foods from time to time, move slower. 

If someone still has a ton of stress-- no matter what-- things move slower. 

If you respond well to stress and have a strong spiritual practice that keeps you grounded, but partake in no-foods from time to time, things will still move, albeit slower and there may be a struggle to recover 100%.

6. Ignoring What Healing Emotionally and Spiritually Can Do For Your Physical Healing

When we heal the Soul wounds inside us, we make more room for physical healing to take place. From the very first book Anthony William published, he included various unique meditations and calling on the Essential Angels for this Soul healing and emotional healing to take place.

An observation I've made is this: those that make room in their life and make an effort to heal this way, see results faster. Those who resist this or struggle with this, do see results slower.

It 100% does make a difference. So if you've been making the effort, know that you are likely making more progress than if you weren't making the effort.

I hope these lists were helpful to you and inspire you to refine and use your intuition on what's best for you in your journey. 

(Check out Part 1 with items 1-3 here)

From my heart to yours,

Mandi Palmer, CHC

Intuitive Health Strategist

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