6 Lessons I've Learned on the Medical Medium Lifestyle After 6 Years

Posted On Apr 26, 2023 |

This is advice I give to my friends and my clients on this lifestyle who need to hear some compassion and encouragement!

Some find it easy to eat the Medical MediumĀ® way of lots of fruit and leafy greens, high raw, and low fat while others struggle. I like to take a wide, big picture view of things and, well, this is what I've learned after living and breathing this lifestyle for over 6 years. 

1. Understand that this is life FOR NOW, not forever. There will come a day when you can let go of the strictness as much or as little as you'd like.

But the basic equation of this way of eating should always be mostly followed for ultimate health and longevity (protect the adrenals, avoid toxins when possible, include 369's here and there, are just a few examples).

2. When steaming or running the oven, make more for multiple meals. Simplicity in the meals are also KEY.

3. Have a HEAVY focus on the spiritual healing (the MM meditations, Angels, keeping a light heart, and finding peace), which naturally improves the mental and emotional burdens (and speeds up healing, in my experience).

4. We are presented with multiple challenges and lessons in life. Being chronically ill and HEALING with MM info is a skill that we can exercise and learn. The more you practice, the more time you spend mastering this skill, the greater the lesson learned and skill mastered. You are mastering the art of healing!!

5. Always do your best TODAY and accept that some days, you'll judge it as being the best and other days, you'll judge it as being the worst. Stop with that judgment altogether and accept that your best for that day is just what it is.

6. This life will show you your priorities. You realize what is the most important to you in your life when faced with big changes. I know moms that go all out for themselves AND dedicate a lot of time to feeding their kids this way. On the other hand, I've worked with many people who choose to prioritize their time with friends, eating out, and not stay super strict. That's okay because they've identified that precious time with those they love in that way as their bigger priority AT THIS TIME. Then, there's the person who refuses to "cheat," quits their job to get away from fragrances, downsizes, and starts a big vegetable garden-- they've identified their priorities.

So allow the challenge of being chronically ill and mastering healing with food and herbs to illuminate to you what's most important to you and welcome the change. Because a shift is needed in order to heal, whatever that shift may look like for you. 

As always, reach out to me for guidance. That's what I'm here for: [email protected]

From my heart to yours,