Why Do I Still Have Symptoms On Medical Medium® Protocols?

Jun 24, 2022 |

Why does it take months or even YEARS to see all symptoms go away on Medical Medium® Protocols? I'll explain why in this blog post.

Why do symptoms not disappear within months or even a few years of following Medical Medium® even when someone is very strict-- no "no foods," low-fat, and including celery juice, the heavy metal detox smoothie and the whole shebang??

In this blog post, I'm going to breakdown for you what is happening in the chronic illness recovery process and why it's so important we give our body time to do what it innately knows to do.

1)Why We Must Give Our Body Time to Heal

It can take 6-18 months to lower the viral load. However, even once we get the viral load under 10%, there still may be viral byproduct, neurotoxins, and dermatoxins that must be detoxed even AFTER the viral load is at a manageable level. So, someone who's lowered their viral load and is feeling much better overall suddenly gets a detox reaction that FEELS like a viral flare-up of familiar symptoms, it's simply just the body removing that viral debris.

It is SO common for someone to experience this and feel disappointed that MM didn't work as much as they thought it did... when in reality... that's just the body ridding itself of that toxicity! If this happens to you a few years into your MM journey, understand that you're still getting rid of stuff and it is in no way a sign that you haven't made tremendous progress. Nerve tissue can even take 3-5 years to repair itself and someone can still be experiencing symptoms until this tissue has been repaired.

That brings me to my next point...

2) Why are we still detoxing after a few years on MM? Shouldn't it all be gone by now?

If we have a LIFETIME of toxic buildup PLUS inherited metals, toxins, and even dehydration (yes, we can inherit dehydration as well) is it realistic to expect the body to be able to purge this within a 2-year-or-so timeline? It's absolutely not and here's why.

The body will only get rid of what it SAFELY can get rid of. The body's top priority will always be keeping the most toxic substances away from harming vital organs. Therefore, it will only release from deep within when it feels SAFE to and when you initiate detox. Remember, detox stops once you eat fat. Cooked food slows detox. Salt is so dehydrating that it can also stop detox. If you're dehydrated at all, you won't be detoxing and flushing out toxins efficiently. So although you've been strict MM for a few years, how often have you given yourself a break from fats? Have you even been strict at all? How often have you been raw until dinner? How often have you been off salt? How many 369's have you done?

Even when all the answers to these questions are on point, you still need time to let the body get rid of the toxic build-up on it's own divine timing to keep you safe from harm.

That brings me to my third and final point...

3) The body has it's own Divine way of healing.

MM tools are simply that-- TOOLS to allow the body the space and support to heal on it's own. The MM lifestyle provides the body with the most nutrient dense food on the planet while removing all the things that not only feed pathogens, but utilize up all the body's resources for digesting that food!

[SIDEBAR] Think of a steak dinner with potatoes, wine, and buttered or oiled vegetables. This requires strong HCl to breakdown the animal protein (which most of us don't have for a while), lots of bile for all the fat in the meat, butter, and oil, PLUS a bunch of enzymes and insulin from the pancreas to break down the starches so it can try to get as much glucose as it can into the cells-- which is extremely difficult with all the fat blocking the cells therefore requiring more and more and more insulin.

So when we feed the body high glucose and mineral salts with hydrating fruit, raw leafy greens, potatoes, and healing herbs the body gets to focus on eliminating the pathogens, cleaning up, repairing tissue, rebuilding its glycogen reserves, strengthening the adrenals, slowly building up the ability to create strong HCl and bile again, protecting vital organs such as the heart, brain, and liver, and so much more.

This. Takes. Time.

[SIDEBAR 2] And with all these high priorities, you do realize that weight loss (especially fat loss) isn't your body's top priority, right?

All that other important stuff will have to happen first. The weight loss we do see at first, is usually lymphatic/water weight which is WONDERFUL to get rid of. But don't be discouraged if you don't reach your ideal weight within the first few years even after doing so much support for the liver.

My main point: Provide your body with all the best tools you know possible (fruits, leafy greens, herbs, veggies) to support and cleanse your body and then let go... let it do what the body is Divinely designed to do: to heal.

And in the meantime, connect spiritually, ground yourself every day, let go of what increases your adrenaline, pray to the Angels, and TRUST in your body and it's divine healing power.